InstaNote is a new Note Taking App for Windows Phone from Microsoft


OneNote is probably one of the best note taking apps available across multiple platforms and developed by Microsoft. Today, Microsoft Garage Project has released a new note taking app called InstaNote. InstaNote makes your note taking in meetings as easy as a single touch. Note taking can be distracting – you miss out on ongoing conversation; it’s difficult to take ...

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Scrabble Now Available on Xbox One and PS4 for $14.99

Scrabble Console

Ubisoft and Hasbro Inc has announced the availability of Scrabble, the classic word-spelling game on Xbox One and PS4. The game can be downloaded on Xbox Live for Xbox One and on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4 for $14.99. Features: Allows up to four players to go head-to-head in a variety of different game modes. Players can compete against their ...

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Microsoft Edge Tips to Get You Started

Edge Address Bar Tip

Edge is going to be the new browser starting with Windows 10. While there is no learning curve here, but if you are just starting with it, here are few tips from my side.  All the points which I am going to share are in settings. It can be accessed using the menu bar. It is on top right, and then ...

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Truedialer for Windows Phone Updated with new UI


Truedialer is a very popular app for smartphones and also available for Windows Phone users. The app allows you to track the caller when making a call. Truedialer shows you full contact details the moment you dial unknown numbers, making your phone Truly smart. You never have to call an unknown number again. The app has picked up an update ...

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Tips to Customize Windows 10 Taskbar

Pin to Start and Taskbar on Windows 10

Pin Apps to Taskbar: Right click on any App and you will get an option to pin it to taskbar. Same place you get the option to pin to Start Menu as well. The easiest way wold be to drag and drop though. Remove Task View Buttons:  Right click on taskbar, look for option which says “Show Task View Button”, ...

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How to Enable Full Screen Start Menu in Windows 10

Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu

Microsoft had to give an option in Widows 8.1 for consumers who did not have any use of Start menu, and only wanted to stick to desktop mode. Windows 10 is coming with straight forward desktop mode with mix of start menu. Now, if you still want to use the full screen start menu, Microsoft has kept that option right in ...

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