Lumia 540 Tips & Tricks

If you have bought a brand new Lumia 540, then there are lot of new features that you can explore and make use of for better experience. The phone not only comes with Lumia Denim update, but it also comes with Windows Phone Update 2. It brings in some impressive features that you will love to use. Below is a ...

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Next version of Xbox One Controller to come with 3.5mm Audio Port

E3 is close, and while we are expecting lot of game announcements, Xbox Team might surprise with another version of Xbox One controller which will have dedicated 3.5mm port to let headphones directly connect with controller. As of now, gamers need to use an additional jack, Stereo Headset Adapter, to hook up their headphones. The port details are already listed on ...

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Ancient Rome 2 is Free on Windows with myAppFree Deal

Ancient Rome 2

If you have played AOE & Sim City, it will give you a feel of that, except that you don’t need to build an army to take over the world. You will need to construct entire residential districts for people and improve their well-being by building markets, schools, theatres and other places, and connect them with roads for ease of ...

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Overkill 3 is Now a Universal App, Available on Windows 8.1

Overkill 3 Game

Game Troopers dropped in an email about an exciting news. Overkill 3, an action game, which was launched for Windows Phone last month, is now a universal app, and is available for Windows 8.1 Gamers. If you been already playing the game on Windows Phone, you can carry on your progress on the desktop. One month after releasing Overkill 3 ...

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Microsoft Announces Cortana for Android & iOS through a Companion App (Video)

Cortana Android iOS

Not really surprised! I was expecting this happen from sometime, except that nothing brew up before the announcement. The first pointer to this move came around in March 2015, where in an  interview to Reuters,  Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research, shared that Microsoft is also working on an advanced version of Cortana based on a research project “Einstein”.   He said: ...

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Microsoft Lumia 540 Review

Lumia 540 Music Review

Phones between Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 is a huge success in India, and probably anywhere in the world where people look for more low-budget phones. Microsoft clearly knows with its success of the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 535. After recent release of Lumia 640 and 640 XL, Microsoft needed one more phone to keep the market kicking and ...

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Monster Go! Now on Windows Mobile with Xbox Live Integration

Monster go for Windows Phone

If you have to really praise a publisher for getting Apps and Games to Windows Phone, it would be Game Troopers. This company been helping publishers, both new and existing and even cross platform to get their game rolled out for Windows Phone since sometime. To their new addition, its time for “Monster Go” Developed in partnership with ThinkBox Studios, ...

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Lumia 640 Price Drops to Rs 8,999 on Flipkart

Lumia 640 Flipkart Offer

Microsoft has un-officially dropped the price of Lumia 640 to Rs 8,999 on Flipkart under deals. The device was initially launched at Rs 11,499 with Flipkart as exclusive seller. We were at launch event, and we did told Microsoft that the device is over priced and should have been sold at 9,999. In few weeks, Lumia 640 was being sold ...

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Microsoft Testing InstaNote & Dialer for Lync Meetings for Phones

Lync Dialer app Windows Phone

Looks like there are a lot of productivity apps being developed by Microsoft. Recently revealed Revolve, Office Now, and Flow for Outlook clearly shows that Microsoft is definitely working on cross-platform and on apps for productivity. InstaNote : Tag/Listen/Share This application lets you take voice notes with tag system which allows you to make important points in the conversation. It will ...

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