How to Create, Use, Manage and Delete Storage Spaces


All the editions of Windows 8 and 10 are capable of doing one thing and that is mirroring data across multiple drives to reduce the redundancy. Basically, what Windows does is, it clumps various physical hard drives and converts them into a single virtual Storage Spaces which can be used by you. But before getting into the nitty grittiness of ...

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What is a Picture Password and How to Set It Up in Windows 10


Remember the time when we all wished for a pattern lock feature on our PC, running Windows? That wish is now a full-fledged reality, thanks to the Microsoft product development team, who rolled out this feature for Windows 10. Needless to say, a picture lock or a pattern lock is perhaps more convenient than remembering a bunch of alphanumeric combinations, ...

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Microsoft Dictate Offers Voice Typing with Translation

We still are waiting for the time to come where everything can go on voice, and also make fewer typos. Dictate from Microsoft Garage is at least one step towards this.  It listens to the words you speak, and then transcribe it words into the Office Documents. While this technology is not new as Skype offers real-time translation, but this ...

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Boltt : Its all about AI Coach & Real Time Inputs for Health & Fitness

In a market where Fitness Products still hold high ground compared to Smart Watches, today we have a new entrant, Boltt. Competing with companies like Fitbit, and services like MyFitnesspal, HealthifyMe, and FitStar. It’s an Indian Startup which is aiming really high with its health product and services offering both hardware, and software to bring everything in one place. I ...

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12 Best Windows Portable Games


Portable games are never the first choice that a gamer has. We are in awe of the full-fledged games which provide us with an awesome storyline, brilliant VFX, cool controls, a host of customizations and options to play from and the mind-boggling graphics and sound. However, there are times when portable games are all that we can afford to play. ...

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How to Stream Videos from PC to VLC on Android and iOS Devices


In a world that’s moving so fast with all the jaw-dropping innovations of technology, almost nothing is impossible now. Back in those, one could only imagine about things that were in front of them. For example, people never thought that sitting home one could shop anything and it would reach to their doorstep. The internet made and e-shopping made that ...

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