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8 Best Free Windows DVD Maker Alternatives

When it comes to DVD writing on Windows, Microsoft brings to you their very own Windows DVD Maker which allows you to burn any DVD so that you can watch it later on your computer. Most people are unaware of this app which is present on their computer while they install Widows. One of the best parts about Windows DVD Maker is the fact that it is highly customizable and allows you to add text before you can burn your DVD onto the disc.

Windows DVD Maker supports all kinds of videos that can be played on a DVD player, computer or a TV. Windows DVD Maker also allows you to select a specific slideshow style and add music in case you are making a DVD of pictures only. Windows DVD Maker comprises of tools which are extremely customizable and hence is very suitable for all kinds of users, be it a novice or a pro. It also allows you to arrange the contents of your disc so that you get what you like.

However, be it any good software, there are some missing features and that is the time people find the alternatives. Windows DVD maker has some missing features too, and that is the reason we come up with this article that will help you to know about some of the best free Windows DVD Maker alternatives.

Check these free alternatives to Windows DVD maker for you to select from.

1. ZC Video Converter

If you are looking for a video converter which is easy to use yet has all the facilities in place, then you should give a try to ZC Video Converter. The user interface of this video converter is super easy and allows you to customize the settings as you need it. With ZC Video Converter, you can convert any major DVD format and convert them into a disc so that you can watch it later. ZC Video Converter works great with mobile devices too, all you need to do is tweak the settings and get started with it. ZC Video Converter comes with its very on instruction files and is great for large files.

2. PowerISO

If you are not used to using DVD makers then it can be a handful when you begin using one. Hence, we bring to you PowerISO, one of those DVD makers, which are super easy to use and has all the features that you could need in place. PowerISO supports all the major image and disc formats that are available online and you can not only burn but also edit, convert and extract the files if you wish to. PowerISO allows you to burn multiple discs at once which saves you time and keeps showing you all the information. You can also compress your images or mount them if you wish to. You can simply drag and drop files.

3. DVD Styler

If you are looking for a cross-platform DVD authoring app, then DVD Styler should be your very first choice. If you are fond of creating videos then you will love DVD Styler. It allows you to burn DVD and allows you to make your very own interactive DVD. You can also create various slideshows which include various photos with DVD Styler by adding audio tracks and a number of audio tracks too. Although a free app, DVD Styler doesn’t make you install a host of other third party apps while installing it and the installation process is really easy and smooth. The user interface is so easy that you don’t need to go through the instructions.

4. WinX DVD Author

WinX DVD Author is probably the best alternative to Windows DVD Maker. WinX DVD Author started off as a shareware, but now it is available for free on the website of the developer. You can create your own DVD with the help of WinX DVD Author using any kind of video formats that are available online. For the ease of use of the disc, you can create your very own chapter menus with WinX DVD Author which helps you to find a file easily on the disc. You can add pictures as background for video menu and you can also add music files to it for an impact. WinX DVD Author is probably the easiest to use.

5. DVD Flick

If you are in search for a DVD authoring app which is easy to use and has all the basic requirements in place, then try out DVD Flick. It supports all the major video and audio formats for you to work out with. DVD Flick is such an app which allows you to make your very own DVD from scratch. You can also add various subtitles to your video before burning them, with the help of DVD Flick. The only problem that we came across with this app is the fact that it doesn’t support any kind of image files which can be a cause of distress for some.

6. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a video authoring app that aims mainly at burning videos onto the disc. Freemake Video Converter supports a host of various audio and video files, hence you can put in any kind of files that you wish to and it also comes with certain templates which allow you to put in your very own images to create a video menu. However, Freemake Video Converter although being a very feature rich app has certain shortcomings of its own, which is the fact that it doesn’t allow all the features to be used for free. Some of the features come for a price. It sometimes also makes you install unwanted third party apps which can be annoying at times.

7. DeVeDe

When it comes to a completely free Windows DVD maker alternative then DeVeDe is one app that simply jumps to your mind. Although initially created for just Ubuntu and Linux, it is now available for Windows too. DeVeDe helps you to create a complete ISO file which you can burn onto a disc using any common burning tool that is available online. With the help of DeVeDe, you can play around with any kind of DVD files that pleases you which is a huge advantage for people who are used to working with a variety of formats at one go. You can also create a menu and add a host of audio tracks to it if need be.

8. Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120% is one of the most powerful Windows DVD Maker alternatives that allows users to burn DVD as well as create backups of the same. However, it is not completely free, but most features that you normally use included in the free version. With the help of Alcohol 120%, you can burn any kind of DVD formats directly into the hard drive without much of a hassle. It allows you to get your job done in a fast and easy manner and also supports image formats. The backup feature allows you to keep your games safe without the risk of physical disc storage problems. Alcohol 120% gives you the choice of 31 virtual files for backing up your files in order to save resources which you can use elsewhere as per requirement.

These are some of the best Windows DVD Maker alternatives which come free of cost and that can be used by people in place of the original program by Microsoft. Are you using any of the free Windows DVD maker alternatives which we have mentioned above? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below.

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