Add Calls & Missed Calls to Cortana Reminder from Phone App in Windows 10 Mobile

by Ashish


When exploring whats new with the Phone App, I couldn’t  miss noticing that Cortana Reminder feature is now integrated within the app. This feature lets you add any call, from your call history, to Cortana Reminder. Not only this, but any missed call notification also features this right from the action centre. Check out the screenshots:

Adding Calls to Cortana Reminder:

Adding Missed Calls to Cortana Reminder:

Both of this will open Cortana with Contact Name filled in. You will need to add location or time and person. All the reminders are available under Cortana >Reminders. You will be able to manage them from here.  Prior to this, it was only possible to use voice command or typing in the cortana search box to get it done.

I think an an excellent addition along with the option to add any incoming calls as reminder if you wish to reject. We reported this few days ago, and you an read about it in detail here.