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AppoinTile lets you see Multiple Calendar Appointments on your Windows Phone Start Screen

One of the biggest disadvantage of Windows Phone Calendar is that it displays only one Appointment on your calendar which is due next so if you want to know what else is planned for that day or how many appointments are scheduled, you need to open the calendar.

Appoint Tile App for WP

Knowing this problem, Dev pckshd came with the idea of Appoin Tile which is like Calendar tile on Windows Phone but can display multiple appointments max up to 4, How many events are planned for the day, mini calendar view with appointments marked, date and day by combining two tiles side to side. The next big advantage is not only you get to see when the appointment is but also in how many hours it is due along with the location.  In Simple Words

This App bridges the gap which existing calendar system of Windows Phone has making you more productive, specially if you live on Calendar.

How to use this app

App Connects with Live Calendar / Google Calendar

This app syncs with your Live Calendar/ Google Calendar, so you need to give this permission by logging to your live or google account and once done it will take 30 minutes to sync all the data or just hit the manual sync option to bring all the stuff. Before you do that just make sure your calendar is working has no issues else you will waste your time here, I had the problem and took me some time to figure the problem was somewhere else.

Update :

  • It now supports Google Calendar Also.
  • Supports Sync between certain period of day
  • Set it to work over WIFI only

Options :

The app when starts for the first time, asks you to configure look and feel of the app for example you can :

  • Choose how many upcoming appointments to display
  • What is the range of the upcoming appointments to get displayed from 1 to 30 days
  • Do you want to retain appointments after they ended
  • Show All day event or till midday
  • Back of tile can be configured to display date or calendar or none but since you have two tiles have both of them.


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