Best Features of Windows 10 Build 15002

by Ashish


Windows Build 15002 has rolled out tons of features with it, both from business, and consumer perspective. In this post, I am posting my favourite feature that you should about Windows 10 Build.

Its only available for those who are on Fast Ring on Insiders Build.

Option to Pause Updates, and Skip Drivers

This was much-needed feature from Business, and Software perspective. Many a times a software or computers at enterprise aren’t ready for an update, forget about the upgrade. Things are complex.


Finally Windows 10 will let you pause updates, and also let you skip driver installation through Windows update. You will be able to update the drivers manually.

High DPI for Apps & GDI enabled applications:

If you always wanted your apps to look better, sharp, scale to different sizes without losing the beauty, this Update makes sure you get high DPI settings for all the apps installed from Windows Store.


Other than those apps, if you have a software which is DIP based, you can manually enable the DPI settings by following the steps below:


Refresh Windows on Demand 

If you have reached a point where your machine has become almost unusable, crashing every-time you open sometime, including the BSOD, and you never see an update rolling out, “Refresh Windows on Demand” is the option just for this scenario.

This option is equivalent to reinstalling Windows again, except that you don’t need to spend time to make a boot disk, select multiple things, and keys etc. The process just do it for you.

This option is available under Windows Defender. Yeah, seems like Microsoft is going to turn this into a complete tool to do more than just an anti-virus.

  1. Open ‘Windows Defender’ app
  2. Click Device performance & health icon in the dashboard
  3. Click ‘Refresh Windows’ link
  4. Click ‘Get started’ button on the page (Title: Refresh Windows)
  5. Click ‘Yes’ in User Account Control prompt
  6. Click through Refresh Windows wizard
  7. Click ‘Start’ button at the last page

Updated Windows Share Experience


I have always loved how well done Sharing experience is when it comes to Smartphones. If you wanted a similar experience in Windows, you get it with this update. The UI is more app focused, and here is how it looks:


Capture a Region of your Screen

This is a huge update for those, like me,  who take screenshots on daily basis. Now you can choose to take screenshot of part of screen using the hotkey Win + Shift + S. However it will be only copied into clipboard, and you will have to open an editing tool to paste, and finalize your screenshot.

F.LUX is now in-built with “Lower Blue Light” feature:

This is an impressive software which made sure that when lights around you changed, so does the amount of light from Monitor changes, specially the blue light.  If you read the description of the software f.lux, it says


f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.


Windows 10 can now automatically lower the blue light that comes out of monitor based on your timezone. It will automatically detect sunset and sunrise, and get this job done.

The option is available under Settings -> System -> Display, if you need to set a custom sunset . You also get manual control through notification which pops up when the sun goes down.


The most used feature of Windows is finally back into Windows 10 after a long silence. Till date themes was supported but the style was Windows 7 way. Now you have dedicated section under  the modern settings which lets you manage themes, mouse pointers. sounds, colours, save a theme, find new themes, and so on.