How to Block Call and SMS on Windows Phone 8 [Video]

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Yesterday we covered in detail about the new Amber update from Nokia and the GDR2 update from Microsoft. One of the important features added with the Amber update from Nokia is the ability to block calls and SMS on your Windows Phone 8. As of now there is no option to block calls in Android and iOS unless you use apps.

With the Amber update for Lumia devices, you can now easily block calls and SMS with a simple configuration. This feature is added to the Settings menu in Lumia phone. You can see a new option.


You can add up to 1000 numbers in the blocked list which is a handy feature in case you are getting too many spam calls and SMS.

Here is a video demo of this feature.


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3 Comments to How to Block Call and SMS on Windows Phone 8 [Video]

  1. Ankur Katna

    can we use this blocking sms & call feature in my nokia lumia 820?
    if yes then plz tell me the procedure?

  2. In case you don’t see this feature after Amber update. You need to update extras + info app for Nokia Lumia phone.

  3. I have some trouble blocking phone numbers on my Nokia Lumia 800 and also on the Amber update which I can not find available for my phone. Thanks!

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