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How to Block Users from Installing Software from Anywhere in Windows 10 Creators Update

One of the major source of Virus, Malware, and the malicious program is the installation of untrustworthy, and sneaky software from the internet. These types of software can not only take over your computer, but also keep a watch on what you do on your computer, and also collect data from your key logs.

Starting with Windows 10 Creators update, computer administrators will be able to block other users to install software from anywhere except the Windows Store. This feature first showed up during Windows 10 Insiders Preview program and is now available for all power users.

WIN32 Apps and Software aka popularly know as EXE based applications will not be able to install. Sounds like Windows 10 Cloud, but it is available for all versions of Windows 10 including Enterprise and Home. This is the second step Microsoft has taken along with their Windows Defender Security App to safeguard Windows 10 PCs.

The option is available under Settings > Apps & Feature > Installing Apps  > Choose where apps can be installed from

  • Allow Apps from everywhere.
  • Prefer Apps from Store, but allow apps from anywhere.
  • Allow Apps only from Store

Auto installation of software in the background will be blocked, and if you have multiple users on your computer, they will have to ask for a permission to get the installation done.

When anyone wants to install software which is not from the store, a popup window shows up telling that non-store apps cannot be installed. A link is available for administrators to change the settings to either warning or from everywhere. A link to the store is available as well, but it doesn’t direct to the app if it’s available to download. I think Microsoft should implement the auto discovery feature.

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