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New Ease of Access Settings for Windows 10 will help those in need

Microsoft has announced a bunch of features for Ease of Access Settings, Narrator usability and eye control navigation; added features for improved reading and writing outcomes, and collaborating with assistive technology partners. Easier to Discover:  You will be able to use Cortana to find a setting and then activate it. The new settings allow everyone to make everything look bigger and brighter. The ability to ...

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Windows 10 PC Upgrades will be done in 30 minutes

Last month, Don Sarkar, chief of Windows 10 Insider shared that the development team might have found a way to reduce downtime i.e. the amount of time you cant use your Windows 10 PC because of an ongoing upgrade, drastically. Now, Joseph Conway, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Fundamentals team has shared more details on it. He said: To achieve ...

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Microsoft’s Movies & TV still has hopes, Company in Talks to Join Disney’s Movies Anywhere

When Disney expanded its Movies Anywhere, Microsoft’s Movies & TV portfolio was left to dust. The portfolio included content from Disney, Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Universal. The content became available everywhere except for Microsoft (it was brutally pulled), but now the company is in talks with Disney to get on board. According to Thurrott: As you may know, ...

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Microsoft annoaunces new features for its “Teams”

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool which can be used by a group of people to work on a project or anything similar.  It uses Office 365 strength offering meetings, calling, graphics and AI capabilities. On its first year completion, Microsoft has announced the list of features that will come later this year. To advance our vision for Intelligent Communications, we ...

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