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Auto Backup Instagram Photos to OneDrive

Instagram is a popular social network and you might have already uploaded hundreds of photos to your account from your phone. In the digital world, it is always nice to have a backup of your online data so that in case you end up losing your account, you will still recover the photos from the backup. If you have an ...

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What is Error code 800c0019 and How to Fix it?


Have you ever gone through the situation of getting a new Windows Phone and trying to install your favorite apps from the store and getting the Error code 800c0019 repeatedly on the Windows Phone store? Even if you have your Microsoft account configured on your phone, you might get this error code. With this error, you will not be able ...

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Tip: Forward Multiple SMS in Windows Phone 8.1


While we discovered that it is possible to select multiple SMS, Calls and even contact to delete them in bulk, we missed on that fact that it is also possible to forward multiple SMS to one or many contact in a flick. Go to SMS or the message app. Tap on any SMS which is threaded or has more than ...

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Delete Multiple Calls and SMS “You Want” in Windows Phone 8.1


One thing Official Change log of Windows Phone 8.1 drew to our notice is that users now have options to delete multiple calls from the recent history and also delete messages from a single thread. Windows Phone clubs SMS from a single sender into big thread, though it allowed to delete multiple SMS but it wasn’t possible for messages in ...

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