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Hamburger Menu on Windows Phone coz Not All Use Phone One-Handed

I Love Hamburger

When Microsoft started using Hamburger Menu on Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview, suddenly it annoyed each and every enthusiast which are on the platform, because whatever success it had owed it to being different from Android and iPhone. Reality is different though. Somebody who is Ex-Microsoft now, and worked with Microsoft design team closely, explained in much detail on why ...

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Windows 10 for Tablets Screenshots Leaked

WIndows 10 Tab Beta

During the early announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft did mention that Windows 10 will get on Small Tablets, restricted to 8 inches, for free. This gives a lot of OEM to get lot of tablet category devices.  A lot of screenshot on how it will look like on those small tablets has been leaked. Posted by WinBeta, who claim that ...

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10 New Features in Windows 10 Phone Preview You Should Notice

WP10 TP Features 1

Windows 10 for Phones TP has many new small features which you will definitely love.  Even though everything right now is getting shaped up, these features does give you  sense of direction on where Microsoft is heading to. Dialer now Support T9 functionality. Open the Phone App, switch to Dial Pad and start typing the number. As you type list ...

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