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Video Demo of “Hey Cortana” Shows How it Works

Hey Cortana Setup process

One of the most exciting features of Lumia Denim Update is using Cortana, hands free. Based on passive voice activated technology and power of Snapdragon 80X processor, allows you to invoke Cortana and get some work done even if the phone is in standby or display off mode. This means this phone will work right on with Lumia 930 and ...

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Line Buys MixRadio

Lumia 830 MixRadio

In a surprising announcement, for many of us, Microsoft shared that MixRadio, former Nokia Music, will be a part of Line going forward. It’s a surprise for many, but its a missed opportunity for Microsoft as they could not evolve Xbox Music along the lines of MixRadio which has more features, more popularity, a service that actually works and even a ...

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Free Skype Calls to US & Canada Landline & Mobile from India


This is the second good news this week when it comes to Microsoft and India.  Yesterday, Amazon India became the official HUB to sell Microsoft Devices and today Skype is running promotion of free calls to Landline and Mobile numbers in US and Canada from India.  There are a lot of Indians in US and instead of they calling you, its ...

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Microsoft’s Buy Back Scheme for Lumias Makes It Easy to Upgrade


Microsoft is making a bold move to grab eyeballs to the Lumia series of Windows Phone. They are offering discount  equivalent to  65% of existing Lumia phone value, if a consumer wants to upgrade to high-end Lumia  within first 3 months of buying that device. What if its more than three months? The offer is still valid but the discount will ...

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