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TrueDialer gets Your Favorite T9 Dialer on Windows Phone

True Dialer for Windows Phone

Searching by number is still one of my favorite feature which I had used  on previous phones, specially those keypad based phone. There are two great usage of this, one it makes it easy to find if a number is already stored, in real time and second, many of you remember numbers by heart, this just makes it really easy. ...

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Lumia 535 to be Announced in India on 26th November

Lumia 535 India Launch

Lumia 535 is the second most awaited phone and its expected to perform as well as the legendary Lumia 520. The device was announced on November 11th. While we did not expect the Indian launch to be that quick, but an invite from Microsoft says other wise.  Lumia 535 is going to be announced in India on November 26th. The ...

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Multiplayer Comes to Angry Birds Go! Get Your Flock Ready

Angry Birds Go Multiplayer

I am not a big fan of Angry Birds Go! because of the waiting time, but it seems Rovio might just change that with its latest update. Rolled out for Windows Phone Store,  you can now assemble a team with your friends and knock out rival crews with the multiplayer support. The game is 3-on-3 which sounds decent enough. However, ...

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WhatsApp Beta Lets You Change Group Admin on Windows Phone

WhatsApp Beta Change Group Admin

Changing a group admin in WhatsApp group had been a long time pain. Many a times when the person who creates the group leaves, or switches the number leaving the group stranded as no new members can now be included. The only workaround for this was to make everybody leave except one including the admin. That would make the last ...

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Leaked Factory Images Points to a New Lumia; 1030 in the Works?

Lumia Factory Image Display

A recent image of a new Lumia Device is heating up the rumor that the device could be the next flagship of Windows Phone, The Lumia 1030, successor to the Lumia 1020. Worth noting that this displays look full screen, specially the position of the hardware  buttons. Th screeen size calimed here is 4.99 inches. Looking at the factory images, ...

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Now You can Schedule to Install Updates on Windows Phone

Schedule to Install Updates on Windws Phone

Windows Phone is getting close to Windows step by step. In its recent update to Preview for Developers, the OS now allows you to schedule when you to download update, exactly like Windows. Those who never wanted automatic install or prompt (major cause of accidental installations) needed to check off auto download feature and keep checking manually. However this new ...

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All Lumia Phones to get Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows Phone Update check

The Official Twitter handle for all Lumia have shared an exciting update for all of us. All the Lumia Phones running Windows Phone 8 will get upgrade to Windows 10. This update gives a huge relief to users that their devices are not going to left stranded, a story which happened during Windows Phone 7.X to Windows Pone 8 transition. ...

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Microsoft to bring Free Internet in India using “White Space” in TV Signals

Satya Nadela Microsoft CEO

The New Microsoft has started realizing that India is going to huge market for the company and it’s recent announced, Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman, Microsoft India, said they want to bring Free Internet to every home using TV broadcast signal, specifically White Space. White Space is a spectrum between two channels which belongs mainly to Doordarshan, a service which has higher ...

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How MixRadio’s “Natively Built Recommendation Engine” Works

Lumia 830 MixRadio

MixRadio announced brand new & native recommendation engine, developed specifically to best deliver it’s one touch ‘Play Me’ personalized radio experience for a global audience. While it all sounds magical, when I read the news, the first question that I had—How is it exactly working and what it is. Today MixRadio Dev Blog posted a lot of details about it. ...

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Lumia 1330 Image Leaked; Matches with the Microsoft Teaser Video

Lumia 1330 Rear Yellow

We just posted about the teaser video from Microsoft which seems to have a bigger camera and a flash. While we all expect a Lumia 535 tomorrow, that video seems to be presenting yet another device from Microsoft–The Lumia 1330–an image of which is floating around the internet. What convinces us more is the position of camera and flash in ...

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