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WhatsApp Calling Feature Coming to Windows Phone Soon

WhatsApp Goes Free for India

Looks like Windows Phone users will soon be able to make and receive calls using WhatsApp, a feature that was rolled out recently on Android and is so popular that consumers have dropped in their numbers in open forum for just to get a miss call. Yeah, that’s how it started to get enabled on Android device, which later was ...

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Gaana App Updated to Support Premium Service on Windows Phone

Gana Plus on Windows Phone

Gaana is a popular music streaming service in India with over 3 million songs, and lets you also listen to Radio Mirchi stations. Wgile it doesn’t allow to download offline mixes like MixRadio, the service has not update its app to support all its Gaana Plus Services in Windows Phone App/ Download songs for offline listening Listen to music in ...

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Important Consumer Features in Windows 10 Developer Preview

Windows 10 Dev Preview

There is a huge list of what’s new in Windows 10 Dev Preview which tell us a lot on what features will roll in Windows 10 for Phones & Desktop While the change log is huge, here is the list of feature that I found most important. Consumers: Inbuilt support for Flashlight You can Receive phone notifications on your desktop Apps will ...

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T9 Dialling Coming to Windows Phone in Windows 10

T9 Dialup Windows Phone

When it comes to T9 dealing or finding a contact by typing numbers instead of name, I cannot even count the number of people have asked me on this.  There are many people, including my dad, who remember phone numbers by numbers by only miss by a two or three digit to figure it out, and this is where this ...

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Xbox Music Now Can Play & Stream Music Files on One Drive on all Windows Devices

Xbox Music One Drive

Microsoft is on roll today, announcing features after features. Now they have announced Xbox Music and One Drive integration which allows you to upload your personal Music Collection on OneDrive which you can listen through Xbox Music. Once you upload all your music collection to OneDrive > Music folders, it will start to show up in your collection on music. xbox.com ...

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This is How Xiaomi MI4 Running Windows Phone 10 Looks Like

Mi4 Windows Phone

Microsoft and Xiaomi has announced that they will be releasing  Windows 10 for Phones ROM for MI4 users, and now in official thread, a real photo of MI4 running Windows Phone 10 has been posted up. Mind you that this is not a screenshot, but the actual OS running on the device. Xiaomi and Microsoft China have worked together bring ...

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IE to be Replaced / Rebranded with Project Spartan as New Browser on Windows 10


While there has been quite a lot of discussions on Microsoft’s new web browser codenamed Project Spartan, the company has confirmed that this browser will replace IE in Windows 10 which is slated for released later this year. The new browser name is yet to finalize and Spartan is just the code name. Speaking at Microsoft Convergence yesterday, Microsoft’s marketing ...

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