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Cinemagraph updated to support Portrait mode (Still Clueless Though)

Nokia just updated the Cinemagraph App, one which lets you get creative and shoot videos in form of GIF images, to support Portrait mode.  Also according to the overview details on the app page, it says to support wide range of devices which I assumed for Lumia 610 or 800 devices but dud not see it happening there.

Portrait Mode?

I really don’t know but I don’t see anything changing, including the menus, when I switch to Portrait mode.

Cinemgraph Portrait Mode

So I would really like something from your side which can suggest how to do it. It does shoots in Portrait mode but I guess that’s not exactly how it has to be done. Let us know.

Did it get fast?

I noticed the app is bit fast compared to the previous version but it feels more like magical affect. I say that because right after you hit the app from the Camera Lens Section, the app starts appearing in a SLOW-MO fashion instead of appearing instantly. So not sure how really it got fast but yeah there is less of waiting time for sure.

Wide range of device support?

Not sure what Nokia change long mean there because the app was not available on 610, 510, 800 and by no luck on HTC 8X. So its probably being supported for Windows Phone 7.8 update which is almost on the edge, ready to fall!!

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