Create Folders in Windows Phone to Organize Videos, Pictures and Music

by Ashish


When you launch Photos App in your Windows Phone, you must have seen few default folders already like the camera roll, albums which includes pictures from WhatsApp, Screenshot and so on. While being in the app, it is impossible to create another folder as the OS doesn’t support it but did you know it is still possible to create folders in the ALBUM section and in the Camera roll ?

Video Folder in Camera Roll Windows Phone

I have this problem. I created a folder with pictures. Then deleted it later. But my phone keeps generating an empty folder by the same name. No matter how many times I delete it, it keeps coming back :-

When connected with a PC, you must have seen that it becomes possible to access the Pictures, Documents etc like you do when connect an SD card or external drive to your PC. The phone is available as selectable drive. This means that you can do basic file operators and create folders inside Camera Roll, In Pictures folder. Done that how do they appear ?

Folders in Windows Phone

One spooky thing that might happen. Sometimes even after deleting a folder, it reappears. Ghostly but Windows Phone seems to be doing it and the only way to get rid of this is do a soft reset (volume down + power button.)

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