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Dead Rising 4 Review : Too Much to Handle that it gets Boring

If the world ever gets to see Zombie Breakout, Gamers would be fist to get their controllers to fight them. It’s not surprise, that there are too many medium cashing in on Zombie apocalypse whether it is in terms of TV series or Gaming.

Dead Rising 4 is yet another sequel doing the zombie slaughter which will not only need you hit on the controllers like N number of times, it also brings in twist of building new tools using the existing one, kill almost with anything, and make your way out. That said it’s still boring, like seriously boring unless you are pretty much hooked to Zombie killing big time, and you were looking for a Camera which can take selfies!

First lets talk about the character you are going to play, Frank West.

Trust me if you meet this guy in reality, he is going to be the most irritating personality ever, but it still works out in the game because its Zombie time, and only thing that will matter to you is killing the Zombies.

He is smart, witty, sarcastic, and bizarre. The dialogues are something that will keep you going through the game, but trust me it gets boring after some point, but you will still love his dressing style.

Killing Spree

Capcom has tried its best to keep the gameplay interesting with bit of twist. One thing you will love is the countdown timer which triggers the adrenaline you are already going through, a little bit more. You have side missions as well.

Dead Rising 4 Weapons

That said, there is still too much to see, explore, and kill. Many a times you will end up skipping those missions because of this. You also have a lot of collectibles, blueprints, photographs to be taken, weapons to be built. It was fun when it started, but then I lost it.


One thing that will keep you going in the game is building new weapons, and vehicles, and drive through the zombie horde. You can also almost build a weapon from anything. right from a wheel chair to tractor to an electric rod.

The Exo Suit:

When you have too many Zombies around, you need bigger weapons, and this is where Frank gets his Exo Suit which is just like Hulk suit, and kills like tons of Zombies. Its a temporary thing, but works out really well, and its a good change from those weapons you keep making.  You can pull out a parking meter, rip zombies in a slah using your suit, and taking out all of them one kick is freaking awesome.

Story Mode:

It’s best to skip the multi-player, and stick to story mood. There is already too much here to explore and miss. The story mode has its own career progression, skill levels, so many collectables, and weapons.


Dead Rising 4 failed to impress us except for its weapon building, and the exo-suite. It just that it’s too much to do, too much to kill, and it becomes monotonous. Unless you are into Zombie games a lot, then weapon system is something you will love to try.



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