Demon Defence : Addictive Cartoon Style Tower Defense Game for Windows Phone

by Ashish


Windows Phone has quite a good collection for games and today we are picking up another one–Deamon Defence–a perfect game for tower defense style gaming but done differently and it will remind of your Halloween.

Built around the story a lost girl named Alice, you as a gamer need to protect her from demons using towers which here are in the form of laser guns, snowmen, robot and scarecrow which you build up using coins which you collect by killing the demons. Each of these towers can be upgraded to make it even more powerful which is required when the boss arrives.

Demon Defence

Gaming Experience:

I played the game for an hour or 45 mins and it was pretty addictive. I liked the cartoonish style and skull shaped bosses with bat wings which totally fits in the season coming up.  The game controls are smooth and putting up towers are easy.

One thing which I really found different in here is that areas open for tower placements are blocked by objects like rock, coffin and skulls. You will have to use one of your towers to get rid of them to place a new one.

Other Features of the game:

That said,  the best part of the game is that it’s free but does misses the Xbox Live Achievements.


[appbox windowsphone aac202ed-8da9-4e5a-b157-c22bd69617e5]