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Panasonic unveils Toughbook CF-33 Windows 10 Powered Rugged 2-in-1 detachable Laptop

Panasonic is known to make rugged devices, especially with its Toughbook Series. Today at MWC 2017, Panasonic has launched another Windows 10 Powered Rugged Toughbook CF-33 2-in-1 detachable laptop. It’s the convertible form factor which makes things interesting.  Earlier today, HP also launched one of their rugged devices, the Pro X2 Features and Specification: Designed for outdoor use in bright sunlight ...

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Lenovo unveils Miix 320, Yoga 720 and 520 Windows 10 Devices

Today, at MWC 2017, Lenovo announced a new lineup of devices Windows 10 built for mobility. It includes the detachable Miix 320, and two convertible 2-in-1 PCs: the powerhouses Yoga 720 and 520. Lenovo has also announced enhancements to its service Lenovo Connect with support for reprogrammable e-SIMs (no more swapping out SIM cards) which will help users on the go to use Telecoms ...

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Alcatel launches PLUS 12, a 4G detachable Windows 10 Tablet for €499 at MWC 2017

Samsung and HP have announced their Windows 10 Tablets already, and the next in the race is Alcatel. The company has launched an LTE enabled detachable Windows 10 Tablet–PLUS12. It’s a Windows 10 powered tablet which comes with FULL HD screen and looking at the details, it’s aiming towards professionals. Interesting bit about this tablet is that both Keyboard, and battery houses ...

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Samsung Launches Windows 10 Powered Galaxy Book Tablet Series

At MWC 2017, Samsung has launched a new series of Windows 10 Powered Tablet, Galaxy Book. These feature packed tablets are for those who are looking for a powerful tablet which can replace their bulky laptops, deliver equally good battery life, and come with a great display. This new series with two different devices: the Galaxy Book 10 and the Galaxy ...

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Surface Pro 5 & Project Neon gets a mention on LinkedIn

It is almost a year now with Surface Pro 4, and with so many discounts being offered for the device, the next iteration should be around the corner. Surface Pro 5 will be no surprise, and but what Microsoft brings with it, is what everybody wants to know about. Why so much of expectation? A simple answer would be Creators ...

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Spectator View Rig Projects what someone wearing HoloLens See

HoloLens is one hardware which has not only showed the possibility of how Augment and Virtual reality with interact with the daily life of consumers in far future, it’s a fascinating piece of hardware which made it all possible to bring VR to Windows 10. While it looks good on paper and limits the experience to those who use it, ...

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