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10 Best Mechanical Keyboards of Year 2017


Mechanical keyboards are some of the best kind of keyboards that you will get out there, whether you are a gamer or a typist or a writer. But the problem with mechanical keyboards is the fact that you have a wide array to choose from and you end up confused about which one is the best for you. We bring ...

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Fitbit’s Next Smartwatch will Launch with an App platform & SDK

Looks like Fitbit is all set to utilize its Pebble acquisition with the launch of its next Smartwatch, whenever that’s planned.  In its current state, the high-end smart watches–Blaze & Surge–already have brilliant notification support for Calls, Messages, Calendar, and Apps. It also has Music control which lets you change the music on the go. In a conversation with The ...

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10 Best Soundbars for Xbox One Gaming


When it comes to gaming, gamers can be passionate about every little detail of the environment which has the potential of making the experience a heightened one or dulls the whole experience down. The same goes for the music emitted from the games. The sound comprises of an integral part of the game and it has the potential of involving ...

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Boltt : Its all about AI Coach & Real Time Inputs for Health & Fitness

In a market where Fitness Products still hold high ground compared to Smart Watches, today we have a new entrant, Boltt. Competing with companies like Fitbit, and services like MyFitnesspal, HealthifyMe, and FitStar. It’s an Indian Startup which is aiming really high with its health product and services offering both hardware, and software to bring everything in one place. I ...

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11 Best Windows 10 Laptops for Graphic Designers

When it comes to graphics designing, people often find the need for some special configurations in their laptops so that it can withstand the hardcore chores that are reflected on it. But thanks to the advancement of technology, there are an ample number of devices which are fit for the graphic designers. This article will particularly talk about the best ...

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The Best PC Gaming Keyboards of Year 2017

All the Gamers require the best gaming accessories for fostering their skills and techniques. This is the reason, we always come up with articles that will help you to choose the best gaming accessories available on the market. Few examples were the best PC gaming mouse, best PC gaming headsets, best PC gaming controllers, best gaming laptops that helped our readers who ...

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