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Bluetooth File Transfer App for Windows Phone ( Fully Unlocked / DFT Rom )

Looks like Fully Unlocked Roms are reaching a new level every day and today we have a file transfer app for windows phone which works over Bluetooth. If you are unaware Microsoft does not have a file transfer facility open and required drivers to get it done correctly, though  Nokia Windows Phone come with Transfer Contact App which does this job nicely.

Disclaimer : Be Warned this is not official and might void your warranty and even brick your phone if something goes wrong. So have your full backup ready to restore and even be ready for worse. Unless you need it dont get it.

DFT Bluetooth Transfer

What this application can do ?

The application enabled three things, one Send and Receive Files over Bluetooth, second allows to send XAP files ( Application ) from PC to phone to install it and lastly can do registry modifications if sent in Unicode format.

Once you install the app and launch it for the first time, it will do some magic behind the screen to check few things and install things to make it work. Next you will get Dedicated scree to Send Files, Receive Files and Settings. In the settings you can choose to enable / disable receiving files and if you want to allow installing XAP from your PC.

Sending / Receiving Files :

Here you get to a complete file explorer which allows you to see all the folders on your phone including the media files but it wont be as nice looking as it looks from the phone interface because of the numbering. So unless there is nice to see file explorer comes in we all will have to live with it.

Send Recieve Files in Windows Phone BT

Said that this application is still in development stage and this only shows that it works and possible that there are glitches here and there i.e. File Transfer Failing, Phone Not detected, pairing etc etc.

Video Demo  ( By Jaxbot )

Watch on YouTube

Windows Phone it works on :

  1. Samsung Focus R1.3 / 1.4
  2. HTC Gold
  3. HTC Spark
  4. HTC Schubert
  5. HTC LEO


Remember this only works on Fully Unlocked Phone which has the DFT Roms installed. This will not work on developer unlocked phones.  Also the devs warned that to remove it you might have to hard reset the phone. Download from this forum thread.

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