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Video : Fully Unlocked DFT Custom ROM for WP Samsung is here

Finally after HTC, Dark Force Team or DFT has now fully unlocked  ROM for Samsung ( Sammy ) Phones ready to be deployed which will allow you to run Apps like Opera 10 and use Cydia Like Bazaar App on this phone. This Rom Works on Samsung Focus 1.3, 1.4 and Samsung Omnia 7 which are first generation devices so it will not work on Samsung Focus S and Omnia W. This Rom is named as DFT Sammy Rainbow.

Disclaimer : Use this at your own risk as it might not work for everybody for what so ever reason it can be and can void your warranty or brick your phone. So do not blame us or the devs who made this.

How to install it ?

This Rom comes with custom bootloader created by the DFT team, MAGLDR which is a versioned to 2.0 in this release. However to install this you will need to have Official rom installed on your phone which means in case you have been trying out anything else it will not work. Once installed you can use the inbuilt DWPI (DFT Windows Phone Installer) to install any custom ROM.

  • First I will recommend you to Backup your Official Rom and Files using any of the three backup tools which work for you. Will be handy if this rom does not work or you want to switch back to official one.
  • Download the Custom Rom Software or the Boot Loader from here
  • Make sure you have Samsung drives installed, you will have to install Kies for that.
  • Next you will switch to download mode on your phone by pressing  Power + Volume Up + Camera Button.
  • Unzip and run the DFT_MLI_SAM.exe and follow the on screen instructions
DFT Custom Rom
  • Once done this will have boot loader in place to flash the ROM. Next step is get the Roms from the below links and flash it.

Note : Some users are experiencing issues with USB so you might like to wait for sometime for an update unless you just cannot hold it.

Video by Jaxbot

Watch on YouTube

Why Should you use this ? Features :

  • US Browser. Registry Editor and Razaar
  • 15 Ringtones from Samsung and HTC
  • Install XAP files from IE Browser
  • More Screen timeout option, Themes, Internet Sharing and Static Mac Address

Will you get official updates from Samsung ?

Yes you should but be warned that any official update will overwrite the boot-loader of  DFTI with the official one and same is true if you are going to flash original rom.

Also make sure you do no share your Custom ROM Dump with anybody as it may contain your data like Windows Live Key etc.

Download :

Download from this forum thread. Look for the attachment section. Then head over to  phone downloads

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