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File Explorer : Manage Files on Phone, SD Card & Skydrive together in Windows Phone

When it comes file manager or file explorer, there are very few apps which come really close to that, thanks to the restriction from the operating system as well which doesn’t have native explorer which many users who switch from Android look for. Though you can use everything if you know where it is, people still love to have a centralized access to files.

Today, we found an impressive app–File Explorer–which takes one step more to integrate the experience and its the best app right now.

File Explorer for Windows Phone

Access to Local Files on Phone, SD Card and Skydrive all in one place.

This is extremely useful for Windows Phone users who end up using SkyDrive for a lot of purposes including backing up their pictures. Though I would love to have Dropbox or even Box integration but this will suffice most of the users need.

While SD card and Phone storage is instantly accessible, you will need to give permission to the app to get access to your Skydrive. Once you’ve done that, you don’t have to login again but it will repopulate the list every time you launch the app and move to SkyDrive section.

Move files from Phone or SD card to SkyDrive:


It’s as easy as selecting and long pressing a file to copy it to SkyDrive. However there is no option give to download a file directly but you need to launch the file from SkyDrive and opens in the app from which you can save to phone.

The files can be password protected as well which lets you secure important files. This is also possible on SkyDrive.

Complete Skydrive Management:

You can  Delete, rename, move and even password lock files on SkyDrive. This gives you flexibility along with the move feature of moving files to SkyDrive and taking a look at them together.

Sync with PC:

If your phone and PC are on same network, you can choose to sync set of files on your phone. This is an easier way to transfer files if you have WiFi. There is a desktop client which will aid in this situation

In-App Media Experience:

This is probably the best part of the app experience. Instead of launching media files such as audio, images and videos into external or the default player of the phone, the app has a built-in player to watch videos and listen to music files. Image viewer makes sure to let you watch all image within the app instead of switching to default viewer. You can mark them as favorites and launch them separately.

File Explorer Features on Windows Phone

File Format Support:

The app also supports eBooks which will he handy for book readers.  Office documents, PDF documents, text will open in their respective apps, but are recognized by the app natively.


SD Card: Similar to other file explorer apps, it cannot read office files individually from SD card and hence follows the extension technique to open or copy them to your phone and then open it. All you will need is to rename .docx to .docxy and copy to SD card root folder. Then launch the app and the files be recognized.


The app is free to download and has no advertisement. Yup, So a must have if you want to manage all of them together.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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