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Flipkart Delivering Xolo Case when Asked for Xolo WIN Q900S Windows Phone

Last Week Flipkart opened up the listing of XOLO’s First Windows Phone, Model WIN Q900S and I placed an order for the same even though the price was exactly as the MRP i.e. 11,999 instead of the best selling price.

Flipkart WIN Q900S Order

Finally when the courier guy showed up and handed me the courier, it was pretty light for a phone and I knew something was wrong. I told him that you may have to pick it back. I opened the courier in front of him and this is what showed up:

Xolo Case Flipkart Issue

Worst part is that the invoice that has been sent is for the case and not for the phone which means seller knew what he was doing. These sellers should be taken off the market listing completely.

I have raised a request for a return and it has been accepted. The guy will be here by 30th of this month and pick the item. I already had a big doubt on today’s delivery as I am hearing lot of stories on this particular phone where either the seller is delivering the wrong phone or a wrong item.

When Xolo initially announced this phone, it was being sold exclusively via Snapdeal but later something went wrong either from Flipkart side or the Sellers are messing up on the Flipkart Store. I have submitted my review for the seller already.

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  • rajendra kumar

    i contacted flipkart 3 times via call and one time via email. they gave me deafline of today 3:30 pm but , till this time none has redressed my issue of wrong xolo win q900s . when i called again today, they again gave me deadline of 30 july 4pm. what a way to fool customers and do farud. i have never expected this from flipkart. i was assured from customer care before buying the product by call and via email that i will definetly get windows version of xolo win q900s , and if by accident i get the wrong phone they would immediately provide refund and return within prescribed time frame. I am really very sad and disappointed by this behavior of flipkart.