Full Video : Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 6

by Ashish


Spartan Ops Episode 6 came out 3 days back which not only needed 2GB of download but is also free for all Xbox Live Gold members. It also has a brand new video explaining the story about it. In this video Dr. Halsey is being interrogated by UNSC Commander Tom Lasky & Commander Sara Palmer about how the intelligence knew the information .

Dr. Halsey explains that she was offered data which was useful for research. During the same period, an emergency situation came in where a previously captured Spartan was detected alive on Reclion.

Followed by this, Spartan comes back to its senses where he finds himself being dragged by the Didacts. Meanwhile inside the headquarters of alien’s, Henry Glassman opens up something unusual which actually turned out to be the “Awakening of the Librarian”.  While the Didacts were still busy looking at the Librarian sphere, Henry Glassman makes an escape and meets Spartan Outside and they make an escape.

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