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Gameloft India giving 10 Amazing Games Free with The Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525, the low end phone enabled with 1GB RAM, which was announced yesterday is typically aimed towards gamers who want a budget phone and be sure that all Windows Phone game run on them. Today, Gameloft India has announced a promotion with all new Nokia Lumia 525 bought between 7th Jan 2014 to 31st March 2014  to download 10 games from Gameloft to be free.

Nokia Lumia 525 Gamloft promotion

The list of games are :

  1. Asphalt 7: Heat
  2. Modern Combat 4
  3. N.O.V.A.
  4. Order & Chaos
  5. Shark Dash
  6. Earthworm Jim
  7.  Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles
  8. Let’s Golf 2
  9. Brain Challenge HD
  10. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The total value of the game in Indian currency would be Rs 2025 and by our experience we can say they are really worth every dime, even if you had to spend money on them. You will have to manually download the games one by one from the Windows Phone store.

How to Install free games on Lumia 525

Watch on YouTube

Full Review of Lumia 525

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Here are few terms and conditions you should know. A full list is available here.

  • Only when used with  Airtel India, Vodafone India, Aircel, Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular.
  • Offer is valid till stocks last.
  • Only for India.

This is amazing move by Nokia India and Gameloft together. Nokia Lumia 520 was the most sold product of all Windows Phone and with 525 having enough power to play games on launch, it will make sure that none of the users have to wait for a 512 MB version. Also Gameloft gains market share as they will keep users busy with their games which are definitely high quality.

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A die hard fan of Windows Phone and Xbox, Loves to Do Video reviews on Windows Phone Apps, Games, Xbox Games, Xbox Tutorials. He Owns a Lumia 1020 & Lumia 820 and have used all the Lumia Phones till now.


  1. Hi, please help me to understand how can I avail this gift from Gameloft as I purchased this phone yesterday only and dont know how to avail this gift. please help me my email id : s.khiwani84@gmail.com

    • If you browse the store using the Lumia 525, you can download these games for free.

      • #Ashish, thanks for your reply but its not letting me purchase as all the time whenever I go to the store and click on any of these games it says “try” or “buy” and if I click on buy option it take me to the purchase system. I dont understand what does it mean when these apps are free with this device it should have been pre-defined as free into the store room of this device and yaa I have been communicated that the offer would be activated after 48 hours is it true as my purchase date was 12 Jan 2014

      • Hello, I goto store, but it asks me for payment. I have hotmail account and I added it to the phone. How does the offer work?

  2. Hi, I have a query. Most of these games are around 1 GB in size. And the internal memory of the Nokia Lumia 525 shows only about 4.2 GB space to be free. So how do I install ALL of these games? Is there any option to install them on an external Micro-SD card? :-/

    • Sorry about that and you are right on your point of view. There is no way to install Games on SD card as of now.

    • Open a web browser and go to http://www.windowsphone.com.

      Click Apps + Games, and then click the app you want to download.

      Scroll down on the webpage, and then click Download and install manually (below the app requirements and supported languages).

      When prompted, save the .XAP file to a location on your computer, SD card, or storage device.


      If you download the .XAP file to a location other than an SD card supported by your phone, you’ll need to move or copy the file to an SD card to install it on your phone.

      To install apps and games from your phone’s SD card

      Insert an SD card that contains one or more .XAP files into your phone.

      On Start Start button, tap Store Marketplace tile, and then tap SD card.

      If you’ve just inserted the SD card or added the .XAP files, you might need to wait a few minutes before you can access your SD card from the Store.

      Select the apps you want, and then tap Install.

      Apps that can be installed are listed under Compatible apps.

      You’ll need to have the latest version of the .XAP file from the Store on your SD card before you can install it. If it isn’t the latest version, it’ll be listed under Incompatible apps.

  3. hello,i am planning to buy a lumia 525.but i need a few clarifications..1.if i buy this product online from flipkart or amazon etc will i be able to get the free gameloft games 2.the above games have size of the range of 1 gb so will i be able to download them together.3.at some point if i uninstall the downloaded files,will i get the same for free again or should i pay for it…

  4. sir, i purchased lumia 1520 for that also are you providing above mentioned games.if so, in my store all the above games are priced how can i get those.?

  5. Hi Sahil Khiwani,

    Try modifying games settings
    Open games>settings> and switch on everything and also create Xbox account if you didnt have one
    –Nokia 525 user

  6. what are the diff. between lumia 520 and 525??

  7. hi ! , i got 10 free games for my lumia 525 , but i wanna download them to my PC, so that i can copy them to my SD card when ever i want and play them one by one. BUT ITS SHOWING THE PRICE TAG when i open store from my COMPUTER.
    I TRIED LOGGING IN WITH XBOX ACCOUNT ,but still its showing be the PRICE TAG. can u please help me ?

  8. hi i have a question ?
    if i buy lumia 525 from flipkart or any other online store is i illegible for free game offered by nokia

  9. #Ashish I’m still not able to download the games I went to Lumia Customer Care but after having 2 weeks complaints I have been referred to Gameloft Cust Care but guess what they asked couple of questions n then referred me to Windows App Store Cust Cste …which I’m still not able to understand what to do # Bilal I did checked my xbox settings which are pretty much fine…

    do I need to change my sim card as it is not a default micro sim I have made micro sim from orignal standard sim card.
    please afvise any solution

  10. Can i doown load games from BSNL broad band wifi or should i form airtel which is my sim?

  11. Ashish, if you still happen to have it with you, can you try installing the Asphalt 8 on it? It is not going right for me :(
    Plus those free games? Did you insert one of those supported sims into it? Its seems I’m not able to get them and gameloft support was nowhere helpful. I used an existing Microsoft Account, maybe that’s the issue.

    • And I think your were speaking in the ‘How to Install the Free Games from Gameloft on Lumia 525′ video, but i get no audio. Is that how it was made or I’m missing something?

      • I think there is some issue with your speakers, the audio is available in the video. Well, I’m not sure whether the SIM plays a factor here, but I was using Tata Docomo and it was listed as eligible provider.

        • Is Tata Docomo is the Eligible Provider for Free Games??? I cant see it in list.. and will i get free games if i buy Lumia 525 from flipkart???

        • Ah yeah maybe my speakers were facing some issues. Thanks for the clarification. I was in a similar scenario. I used a Docomo SIM and while Nokia says its eligible, I contacted Gameloft and they are saying it is not. So I don’t know which way to go now. Will try with a Vodafone SIM card else guess my free games are done already.

  12. @Ajit, the place of purchase shouldn’t matter AFAIK. Nokia didn’t mention anything like that. I’ll try to get my free games, else sad.

  13. i have oought lumia 525 on 25th jan 2014 but i cant download the games it is asking try or buy what i have to do plzzzzzzzzzzz suggest meee
    is this games free for some days or full plzz suggest

  14. i have bought lumia 525 on 25th jan 2014 i cant see the games that got for free in store plzzz suggest me plzzzzzzz

  15. its asking but or try while downloading plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeee

  16. is there a way to download the free gameloft games for my lumia 525 through computer manually. plase help

    • No that’s not possible

      • Dear Ashish sir,honestly Lumia525 is really great…
        but m faceing a problem dat is-I have asphalt8 in my phn dat occupied 1.4gb space,rather that I have’nt installed any app,therefore I have 3gb space free with me,yet I m unable to download modern combat4 in my phn…whenever I try installing it,store gvs me msg dat I dnt have enough free space allthough I have 3gb free yet I cant download modern combat4

  17. Palashjyoti Sarma

    i am not being able to download apps from the windows store and also not been able to open here maps…plz help

  18. i have bought two new lumia 525, both on wifi, one gets gameloft free games with install option while other gets try and buy option please help…thank you

  19. Which is the best game from the above mentioned…?

  20. Yes they have the games… but what about the memory…. is there any way to install the games on the SD Card….

  21. Huge disappointment with Nokia, MS & their game partner Gameloft, I thought they have worked well this time with user’s emotions with the company but they never lived up even for single day for WP lovers.. well giving free game offers which never worked out for anyone.. while talking to nokia, gameloft and wp support centres.. they been failed to provide actual resolution for the same.. its time to say bbye to WP until they don’t learn how to bring die hard fans back to their company..

  22. Ashish Sir
    can i install these free apps from pc .without paying the money.
    I know how to install apps from pc But can i install free games (with lumia 525) through pc on my lumia 525.
    Please Reply
    Thanks You

  23. sir can we install free big games(like asphalt 7) from store through mobile sim connection on my lumia 525.

  24. #Ashish, let say if I download and uninstall the games and if I install them again later after 31st March would these games be available free to reinstall or we have to purchase them.. please advise as after a long fight with Lumia and Gameloft teams the games has opened to download today only…

  25. Ashish sir, i bought 525 yesterday and i wanted to know if I don’t download any game, would they become paid again. Please reply.

    • Yes, You will have to download at least once while they are free. Once done that, you will not have to pay again, ever.

  26. nokia lumia 1520 & 1320- store-apps for nokia- there you can download games free……………….(Asphalt 7: Heat,
    Modern Combat 4, N.O.V.A., Order & Chaos, Shark Dash, Earthworm Jim, Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles, Let’s Golf 2, Brain Challenge HD, Asphalt 8: Airborne),

  27. From which website these games can be downloaded free ……..i bought lumia 525tomarrow the games are highly priced at window store

  28. I am not able to download these games free on my nokia lumia 525. I am using idea sim. I am at Chennai.Help me to get these games

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