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Gears of War 4 Title Update 3 gets Two new Maps, Bans, Game Rejoining & more

Gears of War 4 is getting massive update of 7 GB for Xbox One, and 9 GB for Windows 10, and its brining in three major improvements. The first is suspensions for those who quit early in matches. This also came in last update, but I guess there are some improvements here.

Second update is about new cards which will be available post the update is complete, however it will take a bit of time to appear in the Packs. So don’t start buying right away. The third update gets us two new maps of which more details are expected tomorrow.

When the update starts rolling out, expected outages on the servers. Here is the complete detail about changes.

Suspensions & Rejoining

  • Players leaving a Core/Competitive game early will now be suspended from matchmaking
  • Players can rejoin a Core/Competitive match within 5 minutes of being dropped or quitting from an option in the main Versus menu
  • Rejoining and completing a match will remove the matchmaking suspension time
  • Added functionality to display matchmaking suspension time (including to your Squad Leader).
  • You will not be able to matchmake if your Squad contains a suspended user until their suspension has completed.

Spectator Mode Improvements

  • Player Cards have been re-designed to take up less visual space
  • Player ammo and reloads are now visible in the Spectator Mode UI
  • Crosshairs are now visible to Spectators
  • Respawn timers are now displayed on Player Cards
  • Weapons holstered onto a player’s back can now be seen in Spectator Mode
  • ‘K’ keyboard button now removes spectator inputs UI and/or the black bar altogether
  • ‘L’ keyboard button toggles Player Cards to the far edges of the screen or normal positioning
  • ‘V’, ‘B’ and ‘N’ keyboard buttons now jump to specific Escalation hill battle cameras
  • Fixed an issue with X-Ray vision not rendering as intended
  • Made X-Ray a ‘toggle’ rather than ‘Press-And-Hold’
  • Fixed the ordering of players in Competitive UI to match the Lobby Order
  • Pressing B while holding Jump Cam now cancels a pending Jump Cam
  • Added new mapping for specific face buttons for specific camera modes, listed below:  Gamepad ‘A’, Keyboard ‘Z’ -> Switches to Player or Follow Cam. If already in Player Cam, switch to Follow Cam and vice versa. Last used mode is saved as your preference when switching back to Player/Follow Cam from other modes and when using the Jump Cam Gamepad ‘X’, Keyboard ‘X’ -> Switch to Ghost Cam Gamepad ‘Y’, Keyboard ‘C’ -> Switch to Battle Cam

I am still playing Gears of War 4, and all these changes, specially joining the game back after dropping out is huge. Many a times, gamers are kicked out for no reason, and finding a new math, starting fresh is a huge pain.


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