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Gears of War 4 February Update brings New Maps

If you been waiting for new Maps for Gears of War 4, it’s about time. Last update got use the popular speed run map Clock Tower, and this update gets us two new maps–Impact Dark & War Machine. Apart from this you also have Guardian Improvements, and New “Inconceivable” Difficulty (Campaign & Horde) coming this Summer. Yeah you just read it right.

Impact Dark

This is a a remixed version of Impact that completely re-imagines the combat dynamics of the original, where you get new ambience. It’s the first time in Gears of War Versus, the visibility is permanently reduced by smoke that has settled over the battlefield. Every weapon swap has been changed to alter the flow of the map – Snipers are now replaced with Boltoks, Dropshot replaces Torque/EMBAR and the Overkill now sits where Incendiaries used to.

War Machine

If you have played Gears right from the start, you know this map. This map is back with a drastic new take on the setting. Instead of on the old abandoned train station locale, War Machine is now set in a new COG Settlement, standing out with its pristine appearance and gleaming grandiose features. The map is going to be awesome for the Sniper, and if you feel the challenge, you get the intense fight for Torque around the pillars and, of course, the ever-important turret to dominate enemies that stray too far into the open.

Both maps are available to play today in the Developer Playlist for Season Pass Holders, featuring TDM, Guardian and King of the Hill gametypes with Double XP and 20% Bonus Credits!

Guardian Improvements

Speaking of Guardian, we’ve got new surprises in store for fans of the mode. Based on fan feedback, we’ve changed the spawning system from the original spawn swap solution to something entirely new – Leader Spawns. Now, you’ll respawn in a location close to your Leader adding a new tactical edge – Leaders now need to position themselves in beneficial areas of the map, while other players will have more opportunity to get back to their leader and come to their aid.

This new update to Guardian is perfectly suited to the intense low visibility combat of Impact Dark – try it out for yourself in the Developer Playlist this week! We can’t wait to hear what our fans think of this new approach to Guardian!


Summer Update for Gears of War 4

There is more coming to Gears of War specially with the difficultly level. You now get a level post Insane–Inconceivable & IronMan Mode–which was much expected as the Insane was getting little easier to handle.

Level 6 Skills are being added to all class skills, and you get more skills for existing classes. It will be interesting to see if they actually get something exciting.

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