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How to Stream Videos from PC to VLC on Android and iOS Devices


In a world that’s moving so fast with all the jaw-dropping innovations of technology, almost nothing is impossible now. Back in those, one could only imagine about things that were in front of them. For example, people never thought that sitting home one could shop anything and it would reach to their doorstep. The internet made and e-shopping made that ...

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Huawei takes on the MacBook Air with the all new MateBook X

At an event in Berlin, Huawei just announced the new MateBook X. MateBook X is said to be the world’s smallest 13- inch laptop. It is the first of the MateBook series that features a traditional aluminum clamshell design instead of a 2-in-1 configuration. With the MateBook X, Huawei is taking on the new MacBook Air. Talking about the specs, MateBook X is a 13-inch device ...

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Full Specifications of the new Microsoft Surface Pro

Today, at the Shanghai Event, Microsoft announced the most awaited Surface Pro- The Surface Pro. The new Surface Pro is the latest addition to the Surface line of devices. The new Surface Pro is a refresh of the two years old Surface Pro 4, yet they did not call it Surface Pro Refresh. I did not quiet understand the new naming philosophy Microsoft has adopted, ...

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