Get Accurate Location on Windows Phone 8 with MyLocation

by Nirmal


When you are lost in a location in an unknown country or city and looking to find a way out, it is then  your smartphones comes to your help. Smartphones with GPS and good mapping tools can get you the accurate location and help you find a way out. MyLocation is one such service for Windows Phone 8 which can accurately display your location on a map. My Location Free displays your location information using the location services of your phone and Nokia’s map services. You can quickly find where you are in an emergency and send location data and a map link to your current location via email or SMS.

My location

In order to display your location information, My Location Free will need to use your phone’s location services. My Location Free will not store or share this data, and you can always turn off the usage of location services.


MyLocation has two versions, free version supports ads and the paid version comes with a free trial as well.

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