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Google Contacts Sync on Windows Phone with GContacts

Google had recently announced that it is ending the Exchange ActiveSync support for Google contacts, emails and calendar. So after January 30th you might not be able to able to sync new Google contacts on your phone, if you set it up after the deadline. But thankfully a new freeware app GContacts has arrived on Windows Phone store. This app will keep your Google contact’s name, phone number and email up-to-date on your Windows Phone.

The application will communicate with Google’s servers to download your contacts and synchronize the following information for free: full name, phone number, email. The premium version will also sync : photo, postal address, birthday, website, company name and position, notes and can use a background agent to regularly synchronize your contacts

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If you want only basic features, you can use the free version, but if you need full sync you can go for premium version. The premium version comes for a modest fee of $1.29

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GContacts is a very useful app for users who use Google’s contacts on Windows Phone.

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