How to insert SIM / SD Card in Lumia 820

by Ashish


This is another On-Demand post. I got a couple of email and tweet, asking me, how is it like putting in the SD card, and the SIM Card inside the phone. Since this is one of the Nokia Windows Phone which has a separable battery.

I smelled the real reason was that many of you wanted to know how it looks without the back cover. This very reason forced me not to show details of how the phone looks like when the cover is out in the “How to open Lumia 820 Back Cover“. So below are two videos, one which shows you how to insert a SIM Card, an SD Card while other shows you how Lumia 820 looks naked.

How to insert SIM and SD Card in Lumia 820

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There are two slots, one each for Sim Card and SD Card. They are placed right along the edges of the slot where battery fits. So if, you want to change SIM or SD card, you will have to take out the battery first.

Lumia 820 Sim SDcard Out View

There are labels to make you aware which slot belongs to SIM and SD card. Follow the image and match your cards before inserting.  You will have to use your nails to push both of them inside. So make sure to grow some!!

How Lumia 820 looks from inside ?

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Lumia 820 is rock solid from inside. None of the section looks cheaply made. In fact, you can understand from the taking out back cover experience that it wasn’t built to come out just like that.  The body inside is soft matt finished, and there wasn’t much dust except around the camera area.


Lumia 820 Battery BackPanel
Lumia 820 Buttons Side view
Lumia 820 Camera Side View
Lumia 820 Open Top View
Lumia 820 Sim SDcard In View
Lumia 820 Sim SDcard Out View
Lumia 820 USB Side View
Naked Lumia 820 Side View