How to change Xbox Gamertag ( Free / Paid )

by Ashish


Gamer Tag is the key to everything in Xbox when it comes to getting social and impress other players with your unique name. However many first time Xbox players aren’t aware about the importance and choose a name which they later want to change.

In this tutorial we will learn how you can change the Gamer Tag of any Xbox Profile both for the first time and later again by paying MSP. What You should know



How to change gamer tag for the first time :

Change Xbox Gamertag

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How to change gamer tag using MSP,  later on :

Change Gamertag by Paying MS Points

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How do your friends come to know about it ?

It will take sometime for your friends to see your new profile. For example if you changed it a minute back, your friends will see the same old profile but probably if you send an message, it will be updated instantly.So you dont need to add them again or anything else.