How to Enable Cortana’s “Low Battery” Notification on Windows 10 PC

by Ashish


Starting with Windows 10 PC & Mobile Build 14322, Cortana can now send Low Battery Notification on your PC. This means if you are running out of juice, it lets you know. This feature makes sure that you don’t end up moving out for business meetings or meetings with almost a dead phone. Those who are using phones which can quickly charge up fast, will definitely know the advantage.

How to Enable Low Battery Notification:

On Phone:

On PC:

Next, whenever your battery goes low, you will see a prompt from Cortana about it on your Windows 10 Action Center. It offers two options. The first one is “Got it”, and second one says “Turn Off” which can turn off the phone if you need it to. Turn Off feature is little dicy, it works sometimes, but not always. 

That said, a lot has changed with Cortana, Windows 10 Mobile & PC integration. You can even view notifications from your phone to PC, and if you happen to have multiple phones, you should see notification in separate headings.

Image Credit Akhil G Vithura