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How to Find your Lost or Stolen Windows Phone 8

Whether you have lost your phone or misplaced it or someone stole, it is always a cause of worry. your phone might contain your personal files including documents, photos and videos. If you are using a Windows Phone 8 and lost or misplaced your phone, there are various options available to find it. Find My Phone is a service from Microsoft which allows you to track your lost or stolen phone.

This free service in the My Phone section of windowsphone.com can ring, lock, erase, or show your phone on a map from any Internet-connected computer. Find My Phone makes it easier to recover your phone—or to prevent someone from using it without your permission. When you visit the My Phone section (http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/my), you can see the option to trace it.

Find phone

When you open this link, you can see your phone shown in the map if it is connected to Internet. Now here you have three options- Lock the phone, Ring the phone and finally Erase the phone.

Find my phone

Lock the phone service will lock the phone with a password. If you have not set the password, you will be prompted to enter it and when you find your phone, you will have to enter it. You can also type a message on the lock screen.


Your phone screen will have this when you remotely lock it.


Ring the phone as it says will make your phone ring remotely. This is useful if you have misplaced it somewhere in the house or office. The final option is Erase the phone. This will factory reset your phone deleting all your files and apps.

Erase phone

Erasing the phone is the last step as it will lose the contact with Lost my phone as well as delete all your files. Apart from this, you can also configure the settings for Find my Phone from your phone.


It’s a good idea to let your mobile operator know that you’ve lost your phone.

About Nirmal

Nirmal is a big fan of Windows phone ever since it was released. He started off with Nokia Lumia 800 and then got the Lumia 920. Presently he owns the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930.


  1. dear Nirmal,
    I got a Lumia 620 but i dont see the location when i see in MyPhone section. Can u please help me set it up?
    Also my software version is 1030.6407.1308.0001
    When i check for updates it is saying as upto date. But i dont have the storage check options.!! What is the possible reason that am not able to update?

    • my nokia lumia 720 ws theft frm home 2 days ago , i m unable to find it thru find my phone it js 15 days old phone i desperately need is it possibl to track it thru imei no plzz plzz help me ….. my email id is : rockstar.anurag610@gmail.com plz let me know if you get any details…

      • dear, my lumia 720 is too stolen 2 days ago, while boarding in Metro train, at central secretariat. I tried a lot to use find my phone features, but it does not work, if you got any good suggestion then please let me know too. I have got duplicate sim of my number now, but no news of my phone. my number is 09971202282 and my id is: vikram15july@gmail.com

  2. I do not see the option to trace it. why so?

  3. So a smart thief can just switch the Find-my-phone setting off so in the long run this application isn’t worth anything except if you lost it or misplaced it yourself.

  4. dear nirmal, i have lost my nokia lumia 520 in udaipur. n i dont remember my microsoft account password. Is there any other way.. plzzz plzzz plzzz help me ya..

  5. change your password so u can log in and find it i did so

  6. This feature will work only if the Phone thief does not change the Sim Card. The Windows phone wants you to put in a Phone number and it will try to send a lock instruction as a SMS message to the phone.
    Any thief with Basic common sense will first change the SIM card. This makes this feature useless, especially in India where the Map does not work.

    Is there any other way to track the phone. Remember the police is not very helpful in India.

  7. Dear Nirmal and frnds,

    I lost my NOKIA Lumia 520 in Chennai. I couldnot find my ‘phone location’ option in my ‘Find my phone'(windowsphone.com). It may be because, i have’t enabled FIND MY PHONE option in my Windows phone. Please help me to find my phone in my ways….. Orelse, if you can find my phone through my IMEI number, pls let me know. My Mail ID is dineshjeevan.btech@gmail.com

  8. i lost my lumia 520….but i m unable 2 trace the phone via find my phone…plzzzzz help me how 2 get it back

  9. I have lost my Lumia 720 on 14 Dec 2013. if you can find my phone through my IMEI number, Pls let me know.Kindly help me out in finding my lost phone

  10. satya pal sharma mobile 9780797909

    Nothing for locating mobile phone it is just wastage of time and money. The samsung mobile with mobile number tarackers are good phone. Take for future SATYA

  11. HI i lost my nokia lumia 720 last week but could not find it.does find my phone feature works even after hard reset of phone?

    the stolen person has to link the phone to his windows id for downloading apss etc.in this case does microsoft can find my phone with imei number.please revert back if any one knows it.i want my phone desperately.its just 1 month old.

  12. hi, i purchased lumia 625 mobile recently and am not able to see locate phone on my windows account…also i cannot see save my phone’s location periodically on my windows phone…can you please help me with this

  13. hi i losed my nokia lumia 620 how i find my phone

  14. hi somone stolen my phone nokia lumia 520 how can i get the last photo to use

  15. I too lost my nokia lumia 620 …tried alot to track but shows old location only .,.before being lost…..

  16. my nokia lumia 625 was theft from my ofc 15 days ago , i m unable to find it thru find my phone. i desperately need is it possibl to track it thru imei no plzz plzz help me ….. my email id is : vadithabalaram@gmail.com plz let me know if you get any details…

  17. I lost my nokia lumia 625 in Raithu Bazar at Bus Complex, Kakinada. How can I find my stolen phone through tracing IMEI No? And, is there any chance to change IMEI No.of any mobile? clarify me. If not, how can I trace my mobile with IMEI No? I use all the options in find my phone? Any other possibility to trace mobile?

  18. Whe ntrying to lock the phone its getting error popup message

    We’re sorry, but we can’t lock your phone right now. But we’ll keep trying, and we’ll send an email to k************gi@live.com if we succeed.

  19. I lost my nokia lumia 625 in katpadi railway station. How can I find my stolen phone through tracing IMEI No? And, is there any chance to change IMEI No.of any mobile? clarify me. If not, how can I trace my mobile with IMEI No? pls help me my no 9842201051

  20. Guys xolo is a better manufacturer than nokia… There was a marriage in my home nd i by mistake kept my phone under the stack of around 60-70 matresses nd tried everythng..but then i signed in to my xolo account nd it remotely turned on my phone’s gps and data automatically and shown the location of phone wid 2 meters accuracy on google maps and trust me guys.. The phone was on ground gloor and getting thay accuracy of gps is out of the class.

  21. i am nitesh from mumbai I lost my nokia lumia 520 on 16 apr in morning .Please guide how to track lost mobile phone

  22. dear sir, i have my nokia lumia with me but i am unable to lock remotely via windowsphone.com as said find my lost phone, there is no option visible in website , this problem reveals after that when i reset my phone.

    help me and guide how to re-enable this feature, because it may be required in future.

  23. parshant thakur

    Plz Sir/Mam .. Help Me To Find My Phone.. This was My Favo Phone And Lots of Imp Data Store In /it.. someone steel my phone at 4th of may .. plz if u can help me i shall be very thankful and pray to god for ur happiness and long lives.. plz plz plz

    Your name: Parshant Thakur
    Address: #190/b, railway colony no:7 , back side of ludhiana (i.sb.t), Punjab
    Phone model: Nokia Lumia 520
    Make: in gurranty
    Last used No.: May be its 8054337044, 8528501271
    E-mail for communication: shekhu.parshant@gmail.com

    Date of theft and losing phone: 4 may 2014 (4:00 am – 5:00 am), Nokia Lumia 520

    IMEI No.: 358352057882311

    • I think your phone can,’then traced. Because your phone stolen by well known software persons. I am one of the sufferer.

  24. I have transfered a video file to lumia 520 using bluetooth but i can not find where my phone store it, can you help me please. Thanks

  25. Hey plz help me gt my phone back…it was jus 2mnths i tuk a new phone….it hd no sim card in it….cn i find it den???

  26. my htc 8s is stolen from my bag today itself it was just only 20 days old my mobile number is 919931979814 and my IMEI no. is 353760059821688

  27. Hi
    nirmal i lost my nokia lumia 920 phone to day how to trace, and i have given the police complaint also the IMEI no is354149059382777 pl let me know through my e- mail ashok_umachagi17@yahoo.com

  28. Hi Ashok…Did it help finding your Nokia Lumia 920? Mine is misplaced today just few hrs ago. checking with u…wht helped in finding your lost phone

  29. lost my nokia lumia 720.. not even a year old.. mostly used for offical purpose.. i have lost it yesterday afternoon.. since yesterday its switched off.. it was a robbery .. feeling sad.. for no support offered instead of settings being available to find my phone in other countries as compared to India. I am a big fan of lumia.. I am mostly worried about the data , pics , info, mails etc on it.. if anybody knows how do we get info on stolen phone please update… i have traced the location of the nearest tower in the locality in mumbai… by police still unable to find the phone as its a dense populated area approx viswinity 1km +.. please help out guys.. the location has being traced 3 times within 2-3 hrs..

  30. mrunmaya kumar nayak

    hiii sir,
    my nokia lumia 525 is lossed plz help me

  31. Hi, have anyone found their phone using above mentioned?
    My Lumia 720 has been stolen on 20/07/2014.
    Any help to find/locate will be highly appreciated.

  32. I have lost my mobile phone lumia 625 .20 days ago .how can ì find my phone through Imei no.

    • Dear Mohan,
      I am Mr.Murty from East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. There are no chances to gain stolen phone, as I have lost my lumia 625 on February, 18, 2014. Efforts have been made, but invain. So loss of time to search everywhere. The police have not also registered cases against stolen mobiles now. I am very sorry.

  33. Please enquire my mobile I have lost my mobile Lumia 625 at atm counter of axis bank Guwahati paltan bazar branch Assam at 5.15pm when I am withdraw money from atm and left the counter and back after 10 minutes but my mobile is then out of the atm my mobile no Airtel 8133077896

  34. Abhisek Adhikari

    Hi my name is Abhisek Adhikari,I leave in West Bengal (HOWRAH), some one picked pocket my Nokia Lumia 720 phone on 1st October 2014. Please help me to find my phone as soon as possible , my e-mail is abhisekadhikari03@hotmail.com.

  35. report your lost mobile @ http://www.yoursale.in

    and also share the link if you can on facebook etc

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