How to Fix Downloading Application Error Code 8000FFFF after Windows Phone 8 Restore

by Ashish


If you have tried restoring your Windows Phone 8 using the new Backup / Restore feature, some of you might have seen some ghostly downloads, labels as Downloading Application, in the store section. The download is stuck forever and asks for your attention. When you tap and try to resume, it throws an error saying :

There has been a problem completing your request. Try Again Later. Error code 8000FFFF

Surprisingly while, trying to figure out what the error was one of the Download Application started working when I started downloading Nokia Drive + Beta App.  This made it obvious that the problem was restoring some of the apps which were not normally available on Store but were manually downloaded  by your.  The restore process has a problem recognizing this and hence the Download Application is stuck forever.

WP8 Restore Downloading Applications Error

So in case you are also stuck with the same kind of error, I will suggest you to start recalling what all apps you had apart from what was already downloaded. Chances are either they are apps which were side loaded or installed via beta invites. In case you cannot recall, cancel to remove it from the list.

So for these kind of situations, Microsoft needs to fix the Restore Process either to keep the beta apps getting listed in the cloud or at least give the name of the app.

What did you do to fix the error ?