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How to Force Install Windows Phone 7.8 Update

The Windows Phone 7.8 update which brings in some of the features of WP8 to first generation devices were rolled out yesterday and the process will continue till February. The update will be available for your unlocked phones depending on your location. So if you want to install the update, you need to connect your phone to Zune Software and then check for updates.

But in case Zune is still showing no new updates, you can actually force the update on your Phone. A new tool has been developed by Windows Phone Hacker, called Seven-Eighter which will install the updates directly on the phone.

Disclaimer: Before you update the phone using this method, please note that you will have to update at your own risk WPXBOX will not be responsible for any issues caused because of this update.

This simple little tool to automate the process of downloading and installing the updates to your phone. The application is compatible on Windows and you need to connect the device to PC using the cable and then run the tool. Click on the button Install WP7.8 updates.

Seven eight

This will prompt you to select the languages. Please note you need to select all the languages which are currently available on your phone. Click on OK. Now your phone will reboot an will start installing the update. On the phone you will see a white progress bar indicating the installation of updates.


Once the installation is complete, you will see the phone booting again with the sucess message of installation of updates. Please note if you have not updated the phone for quite some time, you will have to install all the previous updates before you can get WP7.8. So you might have to follow this procedure multiple times.

Download Seven-Eighter

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