How to open Lumia 820 Back Cover

by Ashish


So we got a couple of readers asking us if taking the back cover of Lumia 820 was easy enough. We though of exploring as we have one in hand and here is my experience compiled in the video. ( If you cannot view it, follow the link)

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So yeah!! you don’t need a hammer or knife or a plase to take of the cover. All you need is to be bit careful, trust the phone, and use bit of nail and finger pressure. The cover comes out pretty nicely if you apply the pressure at the right point.

What confused me inititally was that Nokia video said that you need to use the finger and the nails, while the manual said use only finger. Truth is you cannot do it without the nails.

Taking out Lumia 820 Backcover

The back cover is a separate case which holds the buttons. So if you are worried it will come out like a case, don’t think about it. The whole thing comes out as one separate unit.

Lumia 820 Backpanel Side View

So to take it out, follow the steps below:

Below are some screenshots of how it looks when you take the case out.

Taking out the Back Panel of Lumia 820
Lumia 820 Backpabel
Backpanel Just out of Lumia 820
Lumia 820 and Backpanel
Lumia 820 Backpanel Side View

How did you take out the back cover ? How as your experience!!