How to Restore and Backup Windows Phone ( Homebrew )

by Ashish


As of now there is no official solution available in Zune which allows you to backup and restore your Windows Phone ( WP / WP 7.5 Mango )  phone to a state where it was working.  But good thing is because of support from XDA-Forums members,  hx4700 Killer has developed a custom hack which uses the Zune to backup.

Disclaimer : I will not take any gurantee if something happens to your phone, It worked for me and should work for every one else but then we have something called as Luck, So use it at your own risk

PS: If you are looking for Backup and Restore in Windows Phone 8, Read this and also view the video.

How these tools basically works ?

Zune only takes backup when a new update is available.  So in case the update fails, it can use the backup to restore your phone. This custom hack makes Zune think that there is an update available and forces it to take a backup.Same thing happens when it comes to restoring. So everything is getting done by Zune we are just making it think different.


Before using any of these tools make sure you previous update if any is saved. It can be found at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update. Whatever is there, copy and paste it anywhere you want.

There are three tools here :

The first two tools skip anything which syncs with Zune i.e. picture, music video etc. The last tool backups everything. So depending on what you want choose wisely.

WP7 Easy Backup Beta by MarcHoover

This tool is a complete solution and very easy to use because it comes with one package. All you need is run the Wp7EasyBackup.exe and choose backup. Download from here

WP7 Easy Backup Beta Files


WP7 Easy Backup Beta

Restore :


WP7 Update Cab Sender by XBOXMOD-YUKI

This is no fancy UI but does the job nicely. You get command prompt like screen here which will do restore and backup both.

Possible that your phone will be stuck for couple of minutes after it says installing update and your phone shows the progress bar is complete. So just wait for few minutes and your phone should reboot automatically.

WP7 Cab Updater Result

Backup Tool by hx4700 Killer


The only reason to create this tutorial is because the thread were the software was released has a lot of confusion on how to configure dll, PKS etc required files. So I have brought them all together and given a clear explanation on how it works and that it WORKS. In case you have questions drop in your questions at this thread.

Advantage of using this tool is that it also backsup your files like music, video synced with zune which makes backup very large.

Download the following Tools  and Files :

Video Demo : ( Watch on YouTube )


Setting up 

Windows Phone Backup Tools

How to Backup using this tool

Setting up File Path in Backup Tool
Bacup Windows Phone
Complete Baclup Info
Backup File with Size

Manage Backup :

This tool also comes along with a Management tool which allows you to move your archived files to a set location which you have already done.

You can click on Archive Current Back to move from the default backup location to choice of yours and you can also move an archived backup to default location.

Windows 7 Restore Archived Backip to Default location

Restoring your Windows Phone

Now there are two ways here. Either you can restore your phone using this same tool or you can launch Zune and under update you can see that a restore point is available. However this tool lets you backup any number of such restore points which is a very big advantage. So what I did was tried both the methods and they worked nicely. I had to reset twice but that’s another story.

Restore Point in Zune

One thing to remember here is that Zune will be of no use if you hard reset your phone and then try to recover your phone. It can only be useful if you want to restore some big size apps or restore yourself to certain period because when you do a hard reset, the Zune will forget you.

But using this custom backup tool, you can recover a phone which has gone through a hard reset. So if you are kind of person who needs to switch between two live id, this is the tool for you if you can spend 30 minutes for this.

Done this your phone will be in same state as it was before. All your apps, email configuration, wi-fi connections etc will be as it is.

Restore using Cutom Tool without Zune