Transfer My Data Updated, Now Imports Contacts from SD Card in Windows Phone

by Ashish


Windows Phone users who been looking a way to import contacts from SD card, there is some good news for Lumia users. Nokia has updated its Transfer My Data app, which now supports both export and import of contacts to and from SD card. Previously, the app only supported contact, picture and media transfer via Bluetooth.

This app will work with Lumia 820, 720, 620, 520, and 625 i.e. any Windows Phone which supports SD card.

Export Import Contacts from SD card

How to use it:


Now, the only thing left to carry out here is import and export of SD card over SMS if that is possibly by any means!!

Note 1: Even though the app does have export to SD option, I am not sure how it works. Typically, it should pick contacts from my phone book and export but it doesn’t. All it does is searching but finds nothing.

Note 2: It only exports and imports contacts and not any other media or SMS.

Also, there is no word on which format is supported for import and export. I am guessing that it is .VCF but many a times I see it fails when used directly from email. As an example, I have tried launching VCF file directly from email, and it did not work. The error message said “This type of VCF format is not supported.”

Recently we shared the SD card viewer app which you can use to check to if the files are there in place or not. If the Transfer My Contacts app fail to find it.


The app is only available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

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