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Insider Build 15250 for Windows 10 Mobile brings “New Features” for Enterprise

Windows 10 Mobile has finally got new features after a year of fixes. In the official post on Windows Blog, the team shared that a couple of new features have been introduced with build 15250. This came in as a big surprise, especially with FCU around the corner, and if you are still bothered, here is the list of new features, and it’s mostly for Enterprise. That was the catch!

Two factor Authentication:  Now enterprise can enforce another layer of security with this 2-factor authentication method using the MDM policy for sensitive data. Once enabled you will have to enter a numeric pin, followed by an enterprise-defined factor to unlock the phone. NFC tag can also be used to unlock a phone using Companion Device Framework

AppLocker Improvements: Based on the consumer feedback about “the warning prompts for apps that are blocked” by enterprise policies, the UX and MDM SyncML scripts associated with the policies have been improved.

VPN Improvements: To make sure VPN is reliable on Windows 10 Mobile , list of features have been improved for it.

  • Lots of reliability improvements for VPN connectivity in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • IKEv2 Sleep and Power Enhancements.
    • VPN completes all pending actions before sleep and disconnects.
    • Automatic reconnection on resume.
  • Force tunneled improvements for UWP platform.
  • Proxy improvements for UWP VPN profile.
  • Enabling MMS usage when VPN is connected.

That said, there is no consumer feature, and I expect as more and more people drop Windows 10 Mobile from the enterprise, we will see these going away!

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