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Intelli Cam brings Auto Face Detection in Windows Phone

During my recent visit to London when I tried out the 808 Pureview along with Windows Phone Camera. I realized that Windows Phone has one of the most important feature missing — Auto Detection of Faces. This feature is probably available in many Android Phones also. So what do you do about it in Windows Phone? Honestly speaking you cannot do anything but App Developer, Outcoder , has implemented this feature in its Windows Phone App — Intelli Cam.

How it works?

IntelliCam Windows Phone

This application runs face detecting algorithm on top of the Windows Phone Camera. When a face is detected, you get see the detection border and you can choose to take a picture.

The phone is in continuous detection mode which comes very hand when you to capture somebody’s face while in motion as it can auto focus when it figures out it’s a face.


  • You can configure to automatically take picture. This means expect lots of flashes when you are n a crowded place.
  • You get an alert when it detects a face in form of flash and tone.
  • Audio Control. You can take a snap using voice or set auto nap.
  • Option to turn on or off voice commands and flash.
  • If you want, you can even choose Eton disabled auto snap.

Few drawbacks:

  • It does not disable the lock screen timeout when in use. So expect an auto lock if you did not tap for long
  • Does not uses the front camera which could have been great addition for self-portrait.


The app is available in trail or paid version in separate version. The free version does not have advertisement but watermarks the images. You can install the free version by downloading the app from here or paid from here.  The paid version is priced at 3.49$ which  IMO is bit too high.

Intellicam QR Code

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