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Keep your Photo and Videos Locked on Windows Phone 8

Your phone will have your private photos and videos which you always want to keep it from other users. Private Hub is a tool for Windows Phone which allows you to import your videos from pc to phone and it is stored in an encrypted form. You can backup your data to SkyDrive, Import and Export Videos from/to SkyDrive. The app comes with a desktop companion app which you can use to import files to the phone. You can set a password on your phone to open the app.

If you want to import photos from your desktop, you need to have the desktop app which can be downloaded from here. The app communicates with desktop using the server IP it generates.

Private HubPrivate Hub1Add photos

You can password protect your private album, private video, private contacts, bank accounts, Internet accounts, private files etc. The app sports the metro interface and allows you to add videos and photos directly from its interface. This basically means you can launch the camera app from this app.

Add videosVideosSkydrive



  • Batch import and export photos;
  • View a slideshow of photos;
  • Shooting or import videos from PC;
  • Export  and Export your private videos to SkyDrive;
  • Fake password, enter the  fake password into a fake Page;
  • Stored encrypted accounts and password;
  • Resume from the background required to enter a password;

Overall, Private Hub is a decent tool to keep your files protected. The app is priced at $2.99, but there is a trial version available so that you can test it before buying it.

Download Private Hub

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