Listen Bollywood Music on Windows Phone

by Ashish


When it comes to Bollywood music on mobiles Savan, Dhingana are some well-known names which have great apps done on iOS and Android. Now if you are on Windows Phone, unlucky, we don’t have any official or third-party apps from these services.

So today I am introducing you to an excellent app, Bollywood Music, which works as good as them and keeps you up with the latest Bollywood music in Windows Phone.  In case you searched on the app store, you will find a lot which can do the same, but this app has done a brilliant job. So do give it a try.

Bollywood Music App for Windows Phone

Features :

Bollywood Music Rongtone Creator

What I really loved about the app was smooth streaming over 3G and Wi-Fi along with option for me to create ringtone. Users who are movie buff will love to read the biography along with it.

Download Bollywood Music: