Lumia 510 Unboxing and Size comparison with 610 and Samsung Focus


I received the Lumia 510 yesterday and am pretty excited to use it now to find out how it competes with Lumia 610 as Lumia 510 is bit stripped down version when it comes to space etc. but it does come with a 4 inch screen which is the best selling point apart from all the goodies and stableness of the Windows Phone OS. So below is the unboxing video followed by my first impression :

Video : Lumia 510 Unboxing

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First Impression of Lumia 510

When I first did hold the phone it felt nicer than 610 because of the size, It was a nice fit for me and bigger screen also helped me getting the typing done much smoothly which I found a bit difficult in 610.  Even though Lumia 510 comes with TFT screen compared to capacitive of 610, it did not feel like it was lagging somewhere but Lumia 610 screen is gorilla glass which is huge difference as it keeps your phone screen off from small scratches.

The back cover of the Lumia 510 is plastic or something similar but does not feel like one when you hold it. Infact its bit of rough finish compared to smooth back cover of Lumia 610.

Answers to Few question asked yesterday :