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Lumia 920 vs S3 vs HTC 8X for Video Stability (OIS) & Audio Clarity

We teamed up along with Nokia PR in India along with several other bloggers like me to test out Lumia 920 video stability which uses a technique called as Optical Image Stabilization which makes sure you video are far less shaky than any other regular phones.

The Scene :

This test was decided to be done on a chopper flying over Delhi. A Special prop was made in which two phones can be kept side by side and video can be sot at the same time. This prop made sure that both the phones get same kind of shakiness and environment. Below is how it looks like :

Lumia 920 OIS Test Prop

The phones in competition were Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC 8x, Note 2 and iPhone 5.  The scenario tested one more thing for us, the audio quality.  Lumia 920 is a clear winner here because the our voice was much clear in this compared to any other phone.

Also, We used Lumia 920 for recording the whole event which will give another view of your video quality will be at different places i.e. Noisy and Quiet.

The Result :

We aren’t passing any judgement here and the video is open for criticism and for you to decide which phone did a good job both from video perspective and audio clarity.

Watch on YouTube

I was pretty happy with both Video Stabilization and Audio clarity of Lumia 920 and I am confident to use this phone at many other places both in work and home to record video.  Do checkout the Low Light Image Quality test for Lumia 920. What’s your take ?

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