Metrobrite : Eventbrite App for Windows Phone

by Ashish


Windows Phone App market is certainly getting richer with quality apps and today we have picked up another well done app, Metrobrite, an Eventbrite App for Windows Phone. For those who are unaware, Eventbrite is an online service where you can create your event, sell / buy tickets and join with thousands of people on an event.

So coming back to the app, Metrobrite in its first version allows you to use your Eventbrite account, so you can manager your events, tickets, orders, attendees, venues and organizers. And since the app entirely followed the metro based design concept, the experience is just stunning.

Metrobrite Eventbrite App for Windows Phone

 Feature List :


Suggestions :

Now since, this is the first version of the app, there are a lot of features, you might feel are missing.  So here  are my suggestions :

As per the discussion with the Developer on the next version we were told that :

This is version 1.0 of Metrobrite and you can soon expect more features in incoming versions like pinning events to start screen, live tile notification, OAuth2 authentication, support for discounts, invitations and contact lists, integration of your attendees, invites and contacts with your phone contacts which will enable you to easily contact any person with sms text or phone call. Also, in testing phase is attendee check-in, bar code scanning and live synchronization functionalities, which will enable organizers to easily manage events on the day of event.

Also, Registration isn’t exposed via API (too complex), so the dev has added registration html widget to event page which is handled by @eventbrite.

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