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Microsoft Reportedly Building Windows 10 Cloud Version but Nobody has a Clue about it

What happens when we get to know about a new version of Windows? We all get excited, and most of the time nobody has a clue about it. @h0x0d (Walking Cat) dogged in a new version of Windows which was mentioned as “Windows 10 Cloud” and “Windows 10 CloudN”, and is now predicted as Chrome OS competitor, or a version of PC which most of the time works when you are online, specially when you want to get apps running on the system, it comes from just the store.

 tried getting a lot of info about the Cloud OS, but there doesn’t seem to be a concrete answer to any of the guess. As the best level of guess, Microsoft wants to try a new version of Windows RT which failed terribly. A computer which runs only Universal Apps, and no EXE.

Why Microsoft would want to retry FAILING AGAIN with RT like version of Windows 10 ? I see no reason.

While on one hand, Microsoft is building ARM support for Windows 10, which can run full-blown Windows 10 on smaller devices, and even on mobile form factor, then on other hand Windows 10 Cloud. It doesn’t make sense for at least an RT like version.

Even a casual user would like to download software from internet, and definitely will need to run EXE or the WIN32 Applications.  Since the introduction of the UWP Apps, its been clear that Windows 10 cannot just exist based on Windows 10 Store Apps. The company been trying hard to bring them on the store, but the transition is not easy. Unless every other Developer can port their app to UWP, and make it available in the store,  making this work, is just not going to happen.

Taking a look at the Google’s ChromeBook segment, while Windows 10 can do better, but when buys a Windows 10 machine, its pretty much expected to do things every other PC can do it. The only thing that can tick for a while is the reduced pricing, but then looking at how things have been in the past, I am pretty sure, it is not going to be that straight forward.

What do you think about Windows 10 Cloud ?

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