Did you miss MoneyControl App on Windows Phone, We did too but not any more

by Ashish


Not sure how we missed it but it seems MoneyControl App has been there since the new year started and its pretty awesome taking full advantage of the WP Mango update and brings you Toast and Live Tile notification for those who always are on edge of market swings with portfolio management.

MoneyControl App for WP

Designed by Network 18 Team, the same people who got us IBN Live App, this app lets you manage your Protofolio completely on your phone which will be the reason people will love to use it :

Integration with Account :

What I find missing ?

If you had used the online account, there is a feature called as Alerts which allows you to stalk on any stock and sends you alert for Price Changes, Market Watch Alerts etc depending on what is your upper and lower cutoff.  That’s what is missing here which will upset many users.

What they should do is create live tiles of the Alerts and let me pin it. So in case you have lot of alerts already set, I should be able to pin that instantly. Hopefully we will see that in the next version.

Screenshot :

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