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Nokia Lumia 1020 vs 920—Why 1020 is not Just a Camera Upgrade

When I was using Lumia 1020 all day with my Lumia 920, I was getting very clear idea on every aspect and the differences both the phones have and it’s surprising that 1020 leaves a great impression even if you keep the camera part aside which has no competition.

Nokia not only upgraded the camera and its technology in 1020 but they also upgraded the hardware which was driving the Lumia 920. If it would have been just the camera and not anything else, I am sure most of the users would have felt cheated and marked Nokia as one of the companies who are doing minor upgrades and still selling the same phone. Well that’s just not Nokia.

Lumia 1020 vs Lumia 920

Major differences between Lumia 1020 and Lumia 920:

The Grip and the Weight:

It’s a known fact that Lumia 1020 is lighter than 920 but what really has changed is the design. Lumia 1020 is lot better when it comes to the grip either when you are holding with single hand or using both the hands.

The sides of Lumia 1020 has tapering ends which means when you lay your hands on it, you wont feel a brick in your hand. Rather it follows the fingers and the human hand ergonomically. This gives you a feel that Lumia 1020 is much lighter than what you would have expected.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 :

This third version of technology makes sure that screen gets even more resistance to scratches and if you managed to get one, they are less visible compared to in 920. Now I cannot tell you unless I get a scratch but that’s the deal that is packed in for you.

More Storage Space:

When Lumia 1020 was announced to have lossless zoom pictures, it was expected that like Nokia 808 it will be able to save high-resolution if image of 34 MP of image along with 5 MP. This means for every image you click, about 15MB of space is occupied. So Nokia rolled in a 32GB as default for every Lumia 1020 out there making sure that if you are clicking a lot, you never run out of space.

More RAM:

Having such a huge sensor obviously needs more RAM and hence Lumia 1020 houses two GB of RAM which is the max of any Lumia series. Now this indirectly helps in lot of things. The applications load very fast, the games respond quickly, gaming is fun without a hiccup and so on.

Though technically speaking none of the apps are really making use of  2 GB RAM but it helps boost the overall performance of the phone.

Audio Upgrade:

Lumia 1020 comes with IHF Speakers, HD Voice and Nokia’s Rich Recording with distortion free stereo sound even in noisy environment. The same technology is used with Nokia 808 as well.

And The Obvious Camera Upgrade:

Nokia not only managed to get a 41 MP camera but also 2nd generation of OIS. What lot of people will not notice is that Nokia also included a wide-angle front camera of 1.2 MP with HD. Wide Angle was quiet an impressive feature when HTC 8X came out and we all wanted it in our front camera.

Also the phone has two types of flash, Xenon and LED. Xenon does an impressive job when it comes to Low Light pictures while LED is best use for taking continuous video.

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Here is a quick discussion of Lumia 1020 and 920 in form of video, if you would like to see both the devices side by side

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Image : Lumia 1020 vs Lumia 920

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  • chris

    So the Lumia 1020 is simply lighter because no wireless charging, better ergonomics but hardly a use as almost everybody would be investing in a casing, better screen protection against scratches which again is another minor point as almost everybody would invest in a screen protector given itd cheap and likely come free with any respectable casing purchased. More storage, RAM and better audio are subjective points – SkyDrive support and numerous cloud support and google nexus stand on storage options; RAM could be useful although correctly pointed out as “none using” and given most if not all current apple products are running grossly miserly RAM makes me think it’d luxury and probably mini seconds difference if not placebo: audio is never really high priority to me at least and I dun see folks blasting away with naked phone speakers anyway – either on ear pieces or Bluetooth speakers. I really love my 920 and feel there is little to no point in upgrading to 1020. Like the pure view 808, its really the camera and nothing else noteworthy really.

    • Now this might be a consolation you might be giving yourself Chris! For many people, the ones who want to choose between the two weight is a factor, I have used heavy phones and light phones, so weight does matter. The ergonomics and the screen although may not make much of an impact but the RAM sure does. The mini seconds you save are the ones you enjoy, as you keep filing up your phone the responsiveness matters a lot !


  • idris yekini

    Good day gentle men,so which one are u advising I buy,1020 or 920 ?
    Your opinos really matter,thank u

    • Ashish

      Its worth picking 1020 if you aren’t planning to upgrade for next 3 years on the minimum. In case you want to switch early like in one year, pickup a 920 and look for the next version of Windows Phone which shows up with better hardware.