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Nokia Lumia 1520 Announced; 6 inch Full HD; SD Card Support; 20MP Pureview; Exclusive Software

Today, Nokia, announced Lumia 1520 during Nokia World at Abu Dhabi, nicknamed as Bandit, as the first Phablet category phone from Nokia with FULL HD display.  Here are the quick specifications of Lumia 1520 followed by more details of the phone :

  • Snapdragon 800 Processor which makes sure the battery life will be longer.
  • 1080P screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and Clear Black Display
  • 2GB of RAM exactly like Lumia 1020 making sure the whole experience is smooth.
  • 16 and 32 GB storage options : First phone to have two storage options for consumers. This reminds of iPhone coming in different storage options.
  • There is an SD card option also available for 1520 which extends up to 64GB. This is the first Windows Phone from Nokia to get SD card support.
  • 20MP camera featuring Pureview technology which includes OIS and Low Light Capability. It will be interesting to see if this works out as good as Lumia 925 and 920.
  • 3400 mAh Battery
  • Available in black, white and yellow.

More detailed specifications and comparison with Lumia 1020 here

Lumia 1520

Exclusive Software for Bandit:

Bandit gets itself into Note 3 category. Samsung is known to have built custom software for its phablet category devices and adding inputs like pens to it. Nokia hasn’t gone that far to include a magical pen but has introduced a couple of software that will be exclusive for Bandit:

  • Nokai Smart Cam now has been merged with Nokia Camera and it has now a quick switch mode which lets you switch between Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart cam or the video mode.

Nokia Cam with Smart Cam

  • Nokia StoryTeller : It automatically integrates with location mapping to create a story of your picture arranged chronically. It automatically slide shows the photos and plays smart modes. Zoom out and you will be able too see where the picture was taken on here maps.

Nokia Story Teller Here Maps

  • Multi-Direction audio capture: So if there is a musician moving around you, you capture all those sounds and not miss any.
  • Find places around you right there using Here Maps POI.

Nokia Beamer: Allows you to share live screen over a PC using a web browser or even their phone

Apart from this other apps announced are:

  • Official Instagram & Vine also coming to Windows Phone later this year.
  • Temple Run 2

Price & Availability:

The pricing of the phone has been announced to be 749$ USD. It will be available later this year in Honk Kong, US. When it comes to colors, it is  available in Red Yellow white and black

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