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Nokia Lumia 920 is not Responding, What should I do?

Every phone has its own problems, it could be hardware related or software related. Nokia Lumia 920 is the latest flagship phone from Nokia running the Windows Phone 8 OS. Nokia Lumia 920 also has its share of problems with many users in US complaining about random reboots. while few other users have complained that suddenly Lumia 920 gets hang and does not respond at all. Unlike other phones where you have the option to restart by removing the battery, Lumia 920 does not have this option as battery is not removable. So what are your options?


Sometimes, your phone might freeze, with no keys or touch responding or sometimes it fails to start up. If your phone isn’t responding, you have few options available.

Do the following:

  • Press and hold the volume down key and power key at the same time for about 10 seconds. The phone restarts. To switch your phone back on, press and hold the power key.
  • Update your phone software.
  • Reset your phone. This restores the factory settings, and erases all your personal content, including apps you’ve purchased and downloaded. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Settings > about > reset your phone.

If none of these tips works, you might need to take the phone to nearest Nokia care. We are hoping that these minor issues will be solved with the update Nokia will be releasing soon. Please note that this tip can be tried on other Lumia phones as well.

About Nirmal

Nirmal is a big fan of Windows phone ever since it was released. He started off with Nokia Lumia 800 and then got the Lumia 920. Presently he owns the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930.
  • How in the h*ll (world) in the first place such a rubbish device reach the customer!?
    If I’ll be Nokia I’ll first test the device (hardware wise) before sending it to selling.
    What Nokia does is totally not professional and un-ethical.
    Total fail.
    I’m speaking as a Lumia 820 freezing owner, device has been already repaired by Nokia representative.. but it behaves the same.. so I don’t trust to send it back for another over and over repair.
    This is the fact.. having a Nokia device is a really big lottery.
    I’m one of those that didn’t win :(.
    Anyway.. that’s a BIG fail for Nokia.


    • Nirmal

      While I understand your frustration, this is bound to happen with all handsets, not just Nokia or WP, but also with Android, iOS. You are being unlucky since the problematic device ended up with you. I’m hoping that Nokia really sorts out the issues with your phone.

      • If it will be just me.. but it seems there are plenty of complains out there related to many Lumia models. I guess it is a general illness state with this line, I only hope they wish to cure it.

      • Vikram

        I’m having two Lumia 920, one 820 and one 720. But all 4 of them are having some manufacturing defect one way or the other (pretty bad ones). R u saying that I’m most unlucky person in this world?

    • dr.hussein

      My lumia 920 suddenly hanged ,i tried this rubbish methhod to restart but no answer what this respectable company will do for me ?…… i think nothing will be so l will buy another phone samsong for example my friends never complaints like me iam a doctor ,i will explain that story for every patient coming to me for at least 6 months this is my answer to your company

  • matt

    I love this phone. I love Windows phone 8. I loved Windows Phone 7. I never once had a problem with any of my WP7 phones and was so very excited to have this Lumia 920. I am so very tired of being inconvenienced by this freeze issue. I hope Microsoft restores Windows Phone 8 to a useful and superior OS that I know it can be. I returned one of these phones already, updated the new one at the MS store and it crashed less than 48hours later. I am hoping for an effective update and I have Faith that it will come. But to buy a phone brand new with a 2 year contract and to have these issues is the most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me as a consumer. FIX THIS MICROSoFT! This happens to the HTC 8x as well. You can run but you can’t hide. MS needs to fix this NOW!


    I love Lumia 920 the instance I saw it on CNN, the advert on the Phone was sweet that i had to buy one at N135,000.00 Naira, in Abuja, Nigeria (on the 21st December, 2012). To my dismay after two months of use it hung for about 16 hours, after another month it hung for about 9 hours. To my greatest dismay, the Phone hung since in the afternoon on friday, the 19th of April, 2013 till this moment(25th April) that I am commenting on my ordeal! I am very disappointed at Nokia to have produced such a beautiful nonsence. To worsen my dissappointment, I went to Nokia Care(in Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria) for solution and i was told to pay the sum of N20,000.00 Naira (that it does not have warranty) for it to be fixed for me as if I was the Architect of my problem and I left there angrily and unhappy. Nokia must do something about this mess- because i am feeling robbed.

  • Teemu

    Worked for me, thanks!

  • Hamid

    Lumina 520 hangs and donot response. Lot of complains about this phone on internet. Nokia should only stick to non-smart phone market. Thay dont have abilty to test the devise properly before releasing it to the market. It seems like we need to do hard reset every week to keep it working.

  • farhan

    having the same prolem touch screen not working only side keys work others dont
    plz any one having the solution plz provide some guidance

    • farhan

      im having the problem with nokia lumia 920

  • dee southern

    touch screen doesn’t work on my nokia lumina 920 can’t slide either. I reset soft and hard and it turns on and off but that’s all. side buttons work phone takes calls but can’t answer them

    • Ashish

      Please take it to Nokia Care

  • Lumia 1020 screen freeze

    Same problem here with my Lumia 1020.
    It is getting annoying.
    Tochscreen doesn’t respond on anything. But volume, Power and camera button works. Live tiles are changing info, calls and sms can be recieved but still impossible to answer due no respond on touch. When i restart my phone by volume down and Power key it till dont work, but afther several restarts and 1 hour later it works again. I directly made a factory reset, men the same problem appeared again. I dont know what to do to solve this problem.

    • Ashish

      You need to take it to Nokia Care

  • Chris

    I’ve been an Iphone, S3 and Lumia 920 user and from my experience the Lumia is the piece of crap from the other phones I’ve used. Had 3 problems in one year, overheating, screen flicker (replaced screen) then now screen again not working and unresponsive. I love the Lumia for the Nokia Music app but if the quality of the phone is like this I might go back to apple or samsung. I regret buying this piece of shit.

  • Tushar Singh Shrestha

    Thanks for it

  • Aigars

    Thanks a lot from Latvia. My phone works perfect after Yours recomendations. Thanks

  • Martin

    Its unfortunate that I bought Nokia Lumia 720 on 14/02/2014 and it was permanently unresponsive on 25/02/2014. I took it to Nokia centre Nairobi on 26/02/2014. I was told to wait for 28 working days. From the way they behaved it seamed to be a manufacture problem, at the same time they seam not to care that I needed to have a phone at least a basic one to make calls.

  • nm1993

    i have same problem with my Nokia 920. Screen feezes side buttons work phone takes calls but can’t answer them. I took it to Nokia Care and after one and a half week they said it was fixed and i went to take it. Guess what! After one hour my Lumia Freezed again!!!

  • Jose

    My nokia 920 used to freeze from time to time till two weeks ago that it would reboot after getting a text message in the middle of a phone call or while in fb… two days ago just stop responding, restart, reset and restore, recovery tool.. nothing worked
    so bad that a big name like nokia ended up like this, selling cool products that by the facts in the forums crash all the time… love the OS, the phone but not that after 14 months i have to spend money on a new phone…

  • oomduddy

    I tried all the possible ways, soft reset, hard reset finally software recovery. each method work temporarily, 2 days top. now my lumia 920’s screen dead forever. I love this phone very much though.

  • hnao83

    same problem here ihave lumia 920 i tried hard and soft reset another way flashing it with older version firmware but not solve touch issue .

  • dayle bulley

    nokia lumia 920 is a pile of shit dont buy one

  • Jones

    After software update, no keys or touch responding.

  • guitaro

    my lumia 920 is also having this unresponsive screen problem..guess what? my phone went to nokia care 4x already!! i waited for 2 month and they said its fixed and u know what happen when i had my phone back..its freezed again!!

  • Sribalan

    My lumia 920 is hanged..but when i tried volume+power button it vibrated but my screen still remains black….I dont know what to do??plzz experts help me!!!

  • Pavan

    i have lumia 920. i’ve been facing the same above issues and finally found a solution. if u have skype installed in ur mobile please uninstall n reboot one. i am sure this would fix the issue as i found this to be working for me.

  • Thozama Felicia Roskruge

    thanks so much now its on really appreciate your help

  • jay

    thank u so much…….

  • Diganth

    Greetings Nirmal,
    I’ve tried the above stated remedial measure and also had taken my Lumia 920 to the nearest Nokia care where I was sent back after being told that there was a hardware malfunction with my device so it couldn’t be rectified. After i checked up on various other users of Lumia handsets I found out that it is a cross-device quality control issue and cannot be rectified by Nokia care technicians. Now I use it only occasionally and have found that the phone hangs up only when it heats up and has to be set aside untill it cools down. I have now shifted onto Samsung as they are providing better quality than Microsoft-Nokia combine.

  • Joseph Aho

    The first time i bought a lumia 920, i updated it to lumia Denim. after that update the screen froze and the screen was all pixelated. couldnt save it, tried reboot and everything… …nothin… so i was forced to buy another one. so when i got another new one, I did the Denim update, and what do u know same thing happened ! but luckily i hard resettled it in time! (when it happened to my first lumia 920 i didnt try to hard reset it right away) so when I hard resetted my second Lumia 920 I just kept it at Lumia Cyan, and I have not had the problem happen since! Hope this helps others. So basically I’m saying don’t download Lumia Denim, it will mess ur phone up.