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Nokia X Family AnTuTu Benchmarks : Do they Really Matter?

When Nokia X was showcased at MWC 2014, Barcelona, I had eagerness to run some benchmark test on the phone (because Android) to know where the hardware stands up in line of Android Phones. The results were poor and Nokia X Family was last in the result but then it was little of surprise to me as I knew of the low-end specs it’s carrying and the target users. (We may see a better result later as these devices are mostly demo or prototypes but I don’t expect a big jump)

Nokia XL benchmark

Nokia X Family is for existing users who are looking for a different experience on Android and new users who want an Android phone but from Nokia. Though they are two different things but the core stays same — Android. Now anybody looking at these results might just go “Hey, That’s not a good phone”, but then we haven’t tried them yet and we aren’t sure how the performance would be.

Now comes the Nokia Factor. We have seen how Nokia played a credible role to get Windows Phone to a level which no other players even thought about it. The same can happen with the Nokia X family but over low range segment.  If the phone performance is better compared to all the Android phones in this segment, it might turn the table and make people fall into love with the Windows Phone User Interface.

Nokia X Plus Benchmark

What happens next is unpredictable right now. Nokia and Microsoft aims to get users hooked to the UI and Microsoft + Nokia services, so when they upgrade they might choose Windows Phone where both aspects are blended into the heart of the phone.

Video of Antutu Benchmarks:

AnTuTu was available right in the store so you wont need to import an APK to test it. Just search in the Nokia X Store and you should have it listed. Nokia X & X Plus was rated 7654 while Nokia XL got 7580 .

Nokia XL Benchmark Results:

Nokia X / X Plus Benchmark Results:

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