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Nokia’s Contacts Share App lets you import / export contact over SMS & vCard (Windows Phone)

Nokia today rolled out Contacts Share app for Lumia brand which allows you to export any of your contact as VCF file and send it over email or SMS. This is one of the most wanted feature of Windows Phone itself as there is no native way to send contact details from one phone to another in a standard way. Though Windows Phone had been supporting vCard format, i.e. allows you to import as you open it from attachment, from starting.

How Contact Share Works ?

One the app starts, it lists down all your contacts on your phone. You can select one and send it over email or SMS. When sending over email or SMS it uses the vCard format. Now what is interesting about this app is not just the exporting part but there is another section called as Receiving.

For many of you, Receiving part,  might be confusing, but if you read the application description before downloading,  this application becomes a handler when you receive a contact via SMS. This means if you receive contacts from old mobile phones where there was an option to send via SMS, this application will list it down. Tap on any of them and import into your contact HUB.

Nokia Contacts Share

Now here are a couple of drawbacks here :

You cannot do multiple contact selection which is useful when you send contacts over Email.  This reminds me of the Contacts Transfer App which did not allow to select contacts I want and then transfer to any other mobile.

I would have loved it if this app could have become the default handler for VCF format which comes via email. This would have at least helped me to keep all incoming contacts in one place.


You should be able to view this app under Apps by Nokia but if not, try this link

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