Note+ : Create Text Notes using Voice on Windows Phone 8

by Ashish


Even though OneNote in Windows Phone 8 is the best note taking app but it lacks voice integration which allows one to converted spoken words into text. One can argue that it does allow to store voice as attachment but if you have lots of them you might start getting worried about space.

So today we are introducing you to Note+ which keeps up with the simplicity of managing quick notes along with power of converting voice into text using the default & improved speech engine of Windows Phone.

How to use it ?

Using Touch :

All you need is create a new Note and then use the mic icon to start speaking. As you speak, the speech engine translates the voice into text and auto corrects some of the text which failed proper translation.

Note Plus Create Notes

Using Voice :

Note+ has a strong integration with Speech Recognition which allows you to completely control the app using your voice. To use this, you need to use the Start Button (long press). Below are the voice commands

Editing an Existing Note :

Note Plus Speech Commands

Sharing existing Note :

You can also choose to share any existing note instantly without first launching the app. All you need to say is “Note+ Share <NoteName>”. Next, you will be prompted to speak if you want to use Messaging, Email or  Social Networks.

Note+ Video Demo :

Watch on YouTube


Detailed Features :

Overall Experience :

The app is pretty easy to use and without any distraction. To get the best experience of this app for voice translation, you will have to practice couple of times to understand how to use it exactly and how close you should be speaking. I have seen the best result comes in when you are bit close to microphone in a nosy environment but if its pretty quiet, it will work form an acceptable difference. Voice translation accuracy also depends on how clearly your speak and your accent.

Also, if you want to text to speech for very long sentences, the translation engine is not that strong enough to get every word done correctly. That’s not the problem of the app but the speech engine. You can try using it on Bing search and you will understand where the problem is.

Download Note+

Note+ costs 0.99 USD and comes with full functionality in Trial Version except that you can have  only 3 notes.